Friday, August 18, 2017

More Projects

All I felt like I did this week was the normal stuff and sewing. It's really great to have so much material to work with. I made another doll outfit, a princess dress. It was a difficult pattern for me, but I figured it out and got it all put together. It looks pretty cute. I also cut out the rest of the doll patterns and started getting things ready to sew some Barbie clothes as well. Pinterest really is great for finding ideas!

Lewis has been waking up twice a night. :( He hasn't done that since he was about 2 weeks old. I hope he's growing because at his appointment, he'd dropped to the 2nd percentile for weight. The doctor said this is defined as "failure to thrive" and said to push more solids. The same thing happened with Kenny, but he really fattened up between 9 and 12 months. I still feel like I'm doing something wrong even though I'm not. Lewis is a happy, content child. I think all the scooting is really burning lots of calories.

I'm definitely feeling worn out from the extra waking at night. It's enough to make a bit grumpy in the morning. I hope Lewis starts sleeping all night, 11 hours a night, by 8 months because that's what his siblings all did. We'll see.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Projects, Piriformis

James's mom gave me pretty all of her extra fabric, so I've been brainstorming project ideas for all of them. My basic plan is to start with the biggest projects first, such as non-patchwork blankets, then move to smaller and smaller pieces. So far I have everything ready for two baby blankets. I made Katie a cute cloak and a curtain to divide the kitchen and old dining room (which James wants to turn into a small "man cave"). I was thinking about how to challenge myself with these projects, and I remembered the Melodie also gave me doll clothes and Halloween costumes patterns. My goal is to sew one item from a pattern each week until I've done them all. So far, so good. It's definitely been a learning experience. I'm not as bad as sewing as I thought. My mom taught me a lot even though I was never interested in advancing my skills very much. I hope to get to the point where sewing is relaxing. Right now, it's mentally exhausting, but I do like the results. A pattern that says one hour generally takes me four.

After a week on a non-memory foam mattress and a lot of sitting in the car, I'd been having some lower back/leg pain on one side. I had never had problems until my pregnancies. It never lingered after #1 and #2 but it definitely has after #3 and #4. (the joys of pregnancy!) I finally figured out what it's called! Piriformis syndrome. Basically, the muscle behind the glute gets strained and inflamed and causes pain down the sciatic nerve. That muscle likely gets strained in the first place because of all my joints loosening up during pregnancy. And, things just get out of whack during pregnancy anyway. Ouch. The fact that it's been bothering me more over the past few days after only a few days of respite got me into gear, so I've started exercising after a year break. I have never loved exercising (hence, the year break) but I know it's good for me. I hope I get extra credit for doing it every time I don't feel like it (which is pretty much always!)

Friday, August 4, 2017


I'll be brief because I have a ton of catching up to do. There is no food in the house!

Friday: traveled to Rexburg, picked up Nash at the airport in SLC so he could drive to NC with Myles, stuck in annoying traffic for a while but arrived safely.

Saturday: slept in, shooting with brothers, lunch with brothers plus Kyle and Ricky, James & kids to Renaissance Fair, Lees' for dinner, Sam & Jesse arrived.

Sunday: lunch with brothers plus Kyle and Ricky, church, Head grandparents' for dinner, played Cranium.

Monday: classes HP style (potions, DADA, care of magical creatures), lunch, Cars 3 and donuts, dinner for which I made bread, FHE with root beer testing, played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase.

Tuesday: Rigby Lake, neighborhood party, played Bananagrams.

Wednesday: quidditch soccer, horcrux scavenger hunt, lunch, relax time, dinner outside, s'mores over the fire, quick visit with Lees.

Thursday: travel home, stops at SLC aquarium and for food.

Today (Friday): cleaned the car, unpacked, did laundry, just about to go shopping when Lewis wakes up (along with a few errands.) Babysitting neighbor kids for a few hours later.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Calm Week

I say calm because we didn't travel anywhere far! I still don't know where the last week went, really.

Oh wait, we did travel to Heber on Saturday for the Belcher Bash. It was a lot of fun. The Belchers are James's grandma's siblings (of which there are 8). They were all there, but most of their children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) didn't come. I don't know many of them super well since they are a little far removed, especially since I married into the family, but it's fun all the same.

James is really lucky to have so many relatives that he gets to see so often. I have never met most of my 2nd cousins, and the ones I have, it was one time.

Sunday was normal.

Monday, James had the day off for Pioneer Day! We went to the Scout breakfast, parade, and DUP museum to see if we could find anything belonging to the Belchers. (No luck.) I then took a nap at home while James took the kids out for a while. All in all, it was a pretty fun day.

Tuesday, we had to get a tire replaced on the Corolla, so went to McDonald's and let the kids play while we waited for the car. Too bad they couldn't fix it, but the location of the nail made it impossible.

Yesterday I took the kids to the dentist for the first time ever. I know, I know. Joseph had NO cavities, Kenny 4, and Katie 1. It will take 3 more appointments to take care of everything. Lucky me! Actually, I sat and talked with a lady who was waiting for her son, so the time flew by.

No date today, but I'm heading to the temple for a session. I finally fixed my dress where the zipper was getting caught. I don't feel very confident in my sewing abilities still, but I'm making progress. Too bad I was never interested as a girl/teen because my mom can sew anything and was right there to teach me. I just didn't take a lot of time to learn from her past the basics. I regret that.

Current goals: learn how to sew using a pattern. I have some for 18" (American girl) doll clothes that Melodie gave me as well as enough fabric and thread. It can't hurt if I mess up because I won't have paid a dime for any of the materials. That's my favorite way to sew. I have a pattern for Halloween costumes too. Maybe since Joseph doesn't get hand-me-downs, I can learn to sew costumes for him. We'll see.

Learn how to cook more stuff in the Instant Pot. So far, I love it! It makes incredible rice and soups. I haven't used all the functions yet, but I love that it's faster and I can just walk away while dinner's cooking and not heat up the house. I hope to adapt all my recipes (or all that are possible) to use in the IP.

I was feeling stuck in a rut for a while, but these new projects will help me stay focused and happy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Phenix Girls Visit

Last Thursday, James and I went on a date to go shooting with his new gun. We also got dinner at Arby's since the kids don't like it. (Who doesn't like curly fries?!) He ended up getting a different gun since that one didn't work. I am a pretty good shot with a handgun. (.22, not so much with the more powerful ones since they kick so much.)

Friday was movie night, so we watched Star Wars with the kids. They really like it. It's one of the few non-animated ones they enjoy.

Saturday, we did a family adventure to Little Brush Creek cave and Red Canyon. Both were awesome. The kids really enjoyed playing in a little pool outside the cave. We called it the "princess pool".

Sunday was a typical Sunday. The home teachers came.

Monday night, Mara and Carmel came to visit! We hung out and talked.

Tuesday, we took a day trip to explore 3 ghost towns. All in all, it went very well. The roads weren't very well-marked, but we found where we needed to go anyway. My only real complaint was how hot it was when we stopped for lunch. There was no shade to be found. I loved listening to some awesome music on the drive and seeing so many cool views. I love Uintah County. There is so much to explore! We really do live in the Wild West.

Wednesday I just did my normal housework and hung out with the girls. I used my Instant Pot to make dinner. I love that appliance! It makes such amazing rice too. I have used it twice since I got it on Monday and plan on using it a lot. It definitely replaces my slow cooker, which was getting too small for us anyway. I've never owned a rice cooker, but if I did, it would replace that too. I've been stuck in a rut recently with cooking, so I'm really excited to have a whole new appliance to try out, which also gives me lots of recipes to try out as well.

The girls left this morning. Katie had a meltdown because she felt so sad. I'll admit, I felt pretty sad too (still do). Living far away from family is hard. I'm glad so many siblings have come west for college so I can see them more often! Carmel is not going to BYU-I anymore, though, so I won't see her till Christmas, Nash is on a mission, and Myles is going to be in NC permanently, so there will just be Mara. But we love Mara a lot, so it will be great to see her at Thanksgiving (maybe before).

We'll be off to the library as soon as Lewis wakes up. Then, it's time for a new belt for my vacuum. I can't live a day without it. Haha.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Heads Visit

The kids got back last Thursday night with the Heads. I was quickly reminded how much louder and messier the house normally is.

We hung out Friday morning while I got the normal chores done. In the afternoon, we went swimming and then to dinner at Rex's cousin's house. It was really cool to meet her and her husband. That would make them James's 1st cousins once removed. We had a really good time.

Saturday, we went to a few yard sales and didn't find anything. After everyone left, James worked on putting the bunk bed together while I did the usual mom stuff. It was pretty exciting to get it all set up. I love having all the boys together in one room.

Sunday was normal.

Monday to Thursday (today) have been a little rough. I'm struggling a lot with my body image, and I'm not sure why. I lack the motivation to exercise or eat super healthy, but I have stayed the same since 2 months post-partum, not gotten any bigger. My regular clothes all fit, just not my super "skinny" size 8 pants (of which I only have 1 pair).

I'm just tired of feeling fat. No one close to me thinks I look bad or anything. It's the pressure I put on myself to get back in shape. I'd rather drown my feelings with cheese and ice cream instead of actually do anything about them. I never know how long Lewis will sleep during the day either, so some things (like weeding the garden) just haven't gotten done because I hate to break them up into tiny chunks of time. I feel like I'm wasting my time if I use all of naptime on outside work. I'm keeping up with the house just fine. It's just a struggle to want to go out and do stuff.

I miss James. His days at mosquito abatement are long. The money is nice, sure, but I don't see him from 7 am - 4:30 pm. The last hour is pure torture sometimes. It seems like all hell breaks loose after 3:30!

Sorry to complain to the 20 people who read this. I love being a mom, but the days are long, frustrating, and lonely sometimes. I never realized how much I'd worry about how I look or if I'm doing a good enough job.

I just want to sleep all night again. Lewis wakes up at 5 am to nurse, which means I'm awake for the day no matter what I try to do to sleep again. 9/10 times I just toss and turn, which means only about 6 hours of sleep...almost enough, but not quite. When I hit the afternoon slump, the kids are all awake and annoy me constantly even if Lewis is napping. So I find myself reaching for sugary junk food, which then makes me crash and feel grumpy.

This too shall pass.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rexburg and Anniversary

James got Friday off, so we traveled to Rexburg and got there in time for dinner despite all the traffic and road construction. We went out with his parents to a Mexican place in St. Anthony. It was yummy!

Saturday, James worked with his dad in Twin Falls and I helped Melodie set up a new computer. Mara and Carmel came over to see if my wedding dress fit Mara. It fit perfectly! We went to a wedding reception and then to the rodeo. We didn't stay the whole time because it was bedtime for the kids.

Sunday, the kids came over for dessert and stayed for a while to play games. It was pretty awesome. I'm so excited for Mara and Ricky.

Monday, we went to Victor to visit Grandma and Grandpa Head. We left mid-afternoon so James and I could get ready for our anniversary. We stayed at the same hotel as when we first got married. They accidentally overbooked the room we wanted, so we actually got a different theme room for half price. Since we saved over 100 bucks, we went out to fancy dinner at Applebee's. (Well, fancy for us!) They even gave us a free dessert.

We went to Fat Cats and played a few games of pool. I returned to feed Lewis, which was good because he wouldn't take a bottle. We then chilled at the hotel and watched some TV before turning in.

We met everyone, including my sisters, at the parade in Rexburg. After it was done, James and I (and my sisters) went to Walmart to say goodbye to Jacob and get a few treats. We then dropped off the girls, packed up, and headed out without the oldest 3. They get back today with Grandma and Grandpa. Based on the texts and pictures, Katie misses me the most.

We stopped by the BBQ at my relatives' house in Idaho Falls. It was really good to see everyone. James, Lewis, and I finally got back to Vernal around midnight. We'd hit some bad traffic because of various fireworks shows.

Wednesday was a work/catchup day. James and I decided to eat dinner out (again, oops) because there was no food in the house and I didn't get the shopping done till almost 6.

Today I mowed the lawn while carrying Lewis in a front pack. I have a piano lesson this afternoon and will meet James at the library right after. I think I'm finally caught up from the trip.

It's really weird how clean everything is. My laundry basket stayed empty for almost a whole day, and I haven't needed to vacuum at all. It's eerily quiet, though, and kind of lonely, so I'll be glad when the kids get back tonight!