Thursday, June 22, 2017


It's been really hot this past week. It's definitely summer now!

For our date last Thursday, we saw Wonder Woman. It was pretty good.

Saturday, we went to Paddle Fest at Red Fleet state park. It was a lot of fun (and free!) to paddle the canoe to the dinosaur tracks. We loved it. Even Lewis did okay. We ate lunch out, took naps, and then went to a wedding reception for one of James's former students. All in all, it was a perfect day with the family.

Monday, not so much. We went to Steinaker and the kids all went with James in our new kayak. I sat with Lewis and chilled, but it was super hot and buggy, so I got kind of grumpy from doing that. The kids had a blast, though.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, we just relaxed once James got home from work.

I've finally been sleeping better thanks to a little more vitamin D. All I had to do was start working in the yard for 30 minutes each morning. I've enlisted the kids' help to try to teach them the value of hard work. The grass is doing better than ever before, but it isn't perfect. We are really struggling with keeping up with the weeds, though.

We went to the library activity this morning and had a great time. I love that the library does these every week almost all summer. They usually have 4-5 activities and free snowcones at the end. No one ever complains about that!

I feel like a genius: I finally figured out how to get pictures from James's phone. There were some gems in there that I need to add to Facebook.

No date today because there is a RS meeting about keeping kids busy in the summer without electronics. I hope Lewis is an angel because I plan on taking him.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Phenixes Pt. 2

We had a great time at the fair on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday doing the normal things: candy drop, little red barn, exhibits, and book pond. I found time to work on my talk for Sunday. I think it went pretty well. At least that's what people told me. Maybe I'll be off the hook for longer than 11 months this time.

We went to dinner at the Chinese buffet Saturday night. Myles had arrived late Friday night because he was going to help Dad on the car. They decided not to because they were afraid of not finishing and leaving us with only the Corolla, which does not fit our family. They got to go to the classic car show, and James and Myles also got to go shooting since they weren't busy on the car. James will take it in today to the mechanic and we'll get it back tomorrow.

Sunday was a nice day of rest. Everyone left on Monday afternoon after Dad and Myles installed some ceiling fans both in the dining room and my room. It's so nice to have them!

The past few days I've been a little tired. The sunlight wakes me up early. Lewis has been a little extra grumpy because he's teething. So far one tooth has popped through. I think another is coming. It was completely unexpected because he's only 4 months old and my other kids were 6 months old. Oh well. It has to happen sometime. I just don't like being bitten!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

And More Phenixes Visit

Last Friday, James took the day off work because he had a leg infection. It really stunk because he couldn't go to the family reunion. I talked him out of it so his leg would get enough rest. He's doing a lot better now after a round of antibiotics. I was still getting over a cold, so I had a yucky cough that made me not sleep well. For a weekend, it was kind of a bummer. We did a few yard sales, but that was pretty much it.

Monday, I touched up all the paint in the house, mixed the colors together, and used that color (a beautiful sea-green) to paint the pirate ship with the kids. They had so much fun but got paint everywhere. I'm still getting it out of my hair.

Tuesday, the parents and Nash came over. We had a little dinner and hung out till late (until James got home from fogging). Nash really wanted to talk to me by myself. It was actually kind of funny.

Wednesday, Mom and Dad took Nash to the MTC in Provo. I worked all day on sewing some skirts for Katie and making a few pairs of pants into shorts along with my normal routine. Mom and Dad got back around dinner. We hung out after that just talking. James helped some neighbors move so we now have another couch. It will take some rearranging to find the best setup.

Today I've been working on my talk for Sunday. I'm going to scrap some old jeans and hang out till dinner. Then, to the fair!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Phenixes Visit

We went on a date last Thursday: a progressive dinner that started at Taco Bell for appetizers, then to KFC for sides, Subway for the main course, and Coldstone for dessert. James and I were both asleep when the guests arrived Thursday night. I'm glad we decided to do so because they didn't arrive until 2 a.m.

James and Joseph had their last day of school on Friday. I put my family to work on prepping to plant the garden. They pulled weeds (well, hoed them mostly), added more dirt to the boxes, and put down mulch. We took turns holding Lewis so he'd be happy. I fertilized the grass and garden and swept of all the walkways.

In the afternoon, everyone went rabbit hunting while I made dinner. Mara had requested pound cake and Parmesan chicken, so that's what I made. We even put 22 candles on the cake and sang to her. I gave her a chocolate bar and some almond butter. We hung out for a while after dinner and then everyone left again for more bunny hunting.

Saturday morning, we took a bunch of milk jugs and the old dishwasher to shoot. I went this time. It was pretty fun to put a bunch of holes into the appliance that's given us so much grief. After lunch, we split up and saw both the dinosaur bones while the others went hunting yet again. We had dinner and then watched a movie once the kids were in bed. I started falling asleep so I didn't come close to finishing it.

Sunday was like normal, but with Joseph's birthday celebration a few days early. He wanted a cake with coconut, so I made a German chocolate cake and the Hawaiian haystacks he'd requested. He finally got the fidget spinner he'd been wanting too. It's a lot easier to put in 7 candles instead of 22. We talked to both families like always.

Monday, I was feeling the effects of a sinus infection that had started Saturday night and gotten worse. I stayed home to clean and put things back together while everyone went to Moonshine Arch. After lunch we just hung out. Mara's boyfriend, Ricky, made dinner for us. Everyone had to leave right after dinner. It was a really great weekend, but it certainly wore me out.

This week has been routine. James works mosquito abatement full-time with hours that are very similar to school. He leaved around 7:10 and returns at 4 or 4:30. When there is fogging to do, that happens from 8-midnight.

I'm adjusting to having extra kids around. I don't mean Joseph; I mean all the extras who come over. They can be pretty annoying at times because they knock on the door a lot. I don't let friends come in because there is nowhere to contain then and I want to feed Lewis without distractions. I know I'll get used to it. It just seems like someone needs something every 30 seconds. I've been extra tired because of this cold, but I'm getting better. I have no hope of getting a nap if I need one, so I've just had to push on through the day. Oh well.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Magical Unicorn

 Why is my life so busy? I suppose some of it is self-inflicted. James and I worked on getting our garden ready on Saturday. Like all projects, we realized there about three extra steps still need to be done before we can actually plant anything. None of those have happened yet because of James working two jobs and me trying to finish up a big project. I can only focus on one thing at a time without feeling like I'm going insane, so I chose to finish scanning all of our old letters we wrote each other while James was on his mission. It felt really great to finish that and get rid of a bunch of all mildewy papers.

Tuesday was actually pretty relaxing. I finished getting my temple recommend renewed.

I didn't see James at all on Wednesday because he went to Lagoon on a school trip. He didn't return until after midnight.  While he was gone, I babysat the kids from next-door for a few hours. They were pretty good, but it does make the house a little extra hectic.

Today, Thursday, was not so great. Hopefully it will get better from here on out. Our car wouldn't start this morning, so James was late to work from jumpstarting it. I had two places tell me that the battery was OK and that the alternator was also OK. However, I don't believe that the battery is OK. I did not get a new one because I had left Walmart to go somewhere else to get the alternator tested. I then went to Joseph's class to take the treats. It turns out there was no reason to do so. They did not stop class to eat the treats like they did in Kindergarten. All I accomplished really was to say hi in the middle of their reading time. It was a lot of extra stress just to deliver some Ding Dongs. Next time maybe I will send them in his backpack or something.

My piano lesson rescheduled for 1 o'clock today, and about halfway through, Lewis pooped all over me and I had to go change him and wipe poop off of my foot. Better my foot then the carpet, I guess. I also forgot a few things at Walmart. James and I are supposed to go on a date today, but he has to work mosquito abatement again since he was not available yesterday.

Lewis has started gumming me very hard while he's eating and that does not feel good. It does not make me look forward to when he has teeth. Days like this, I wish I could go back to childhood and curl up in my bed and go to sleep. I do look forward to the date later, even though James will be late to it and I think the first part of it I'll be at Walmart getting a new battery for the car. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but we only have one car that fits all of our children and us together. Big family problems, I guess.

Five people are coming to visit tonight: Myles, Mara, Carmel, Kyle, and Ricky. I have the rooms ready, but the rest of the house is a huge mess. If I can get Lewis to go to sleep for longer than 30 minutes, maybe I will be able to semi get things done.  It should be a fun weekend.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Heads and Cousins Visit

Last Thursday, the Heads came into town for work and a visit. We went to dinner at Tacos El Gordo and then got dessert at Wendy's. Then, we swam in the pool at the hotel. I just hung out and made sure Lewis was happy. It was pretty late when we got home, but I think the kids had a lot of fun.

Friday was pretty normal. My cousin Peder, his wife Lora, and another couple came to visit. We had a great time eating dinner and hanging out. We all went to bed early because they had to be up early for the race.

I saw the end of the race (the Dino Half Marathon). Everyone was super tired, but not very hungry. (I guess that makes sense, but not being a runner, I never would have thought of not being hungry after 13 miles. In fact, unless I am deathly ill, I never lose my appetite!) After the Heads had lunch, they returned home. Everyone else rested and then left around 3. We didn't do anything the rest of the day, really, except finish our rearranging project. James bought a rug for the new dining room, which is sort of a corner of the living room. (It was made to be a dining room; we've just never used it as such. It's bigger than the area in the kitchen, so we can fit a bigger table when we find one. We are outgrowing our current table that only fits 6 - and not too comfortably.) For Mother's Day, we watched a movie and had junk food.

I had a really great Sunday. James made me breakfast burritos and didn't have meetings in the morning. We had to be to church a little early. I got a new calling as assistant librarian. I never saw that coming, but I think it will be nice and relaxing. The first thing I did was download Chrome. I haven't used Internet Explorer in over 10 years.

This week has been busy. We returned the dishwasher we'd bought (a used one) and got a new one. James spent Tuesday night installing it and... it works! I am overjoyed to have a dishwasher again. The whole house is a lot cleaner when the dishes don't take an hour out of my day. I'm still working hard on digitizing my old journals and letters. I hope to do some paint touch up, but I'm going to wait till I'm done with the digitizing. One big project at a time. With the leftover paint, we will probably paint the pirate ship. Since we have the primary colors, it could be almost any color...or more than one!

As for today, it will be a long one. I won't see James at all until almost 10 tonight. I really can't complain, though. If he gets all the required hours, he gets a bonus at the end of the season. So far, so good, and there's a new Anne of Green Gables series to watch on Netflix.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Our last Saturday was overplanned. It started with grocery shopping, then yard sales, then prepping for dinner, then going over to a friend's house to eat dinner. It wasn't terrible, but we didn't get some things done that we needed to, like install the new dishwasher or mow the lawn. I ended up feeling really stressed for a lot of the day. I don't totally hate busy days, but when Saturday is really busy, it just feels wrong.

I've still been working on my digitizing project. I've loved reading the letters from James's mission and my old journals. When I look at myself from middle school, I realize that I was actually a really good kid and my life was a lot like it is now. I wish I didn't start caring so much about my appearance. That started in the 8th grade.

Lewis can roll both ways now. He is the earliest to do that. He's been waking up at night once because of this milestone. I don't mind too much. I got really spoiled there for a month when he slept all night. I'm not complaining about the earlier bedtime, though. He is also starting to laugh. I love it!

With mosquito abatement Monday and Wednesday and trying (unsuccessfully) to install the new dishwasher on Tuesday, we've had a busy and not super fun week so far. That will change today and tomorrow because we have family coming to visit! Hurray!

We had our last day ever of preschool yesterday. It was bittersweet. Preschool didn't turn out like I'd hoped. I wanted it to be a social thing for the moms as well, but that never happened. There aren't enough kids to do it next year, but I don't mind. Kenny will be in school, and I'm sure Katie will get plenty of princess videos when she's home with Lewis and me.