Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rough Week

Last Saturday was Super Saturday. I learned how to make wreaths! My very first one is on the front door. I know it won't last till Christmas, but knowledge is power. I had no idea it could be so easy. We hung out during the afternoon and didn't do anything that I remember.

Sunday, I got a new calling as Primary pianist. It's my third time with that calling, second time in this ward. I don't mind at all. It might be my favorite calling I've had so far.

Lewis has been grumpy all week because he's getting 4 new teeth. He took a break on Wednesday, and it was Kenny's turn to be sick. I took him in to the doctor for an official diagnosis of an ear infection. 45 minutes at the pharmacy, and we finally got home. Poor guy woke up crying in the night and had lots of pain and nausea in the morning, but after some medication for the nausea and a dose of the antibiotic, he was already feeling better. Today (Thursday) it's back to Lewis being grumpy. 2 or 3 of the teeth have popped through, but he's still working on the others. It's messed up his sleep a bit too.

We did finally manage to go on a date yesterday. We got some fun stuff for the kids at D.I., then ate dinner, and then went to the library. Life is easier without the kids, but I always miss them when it's been longer than an hour.

James just left for Seattle to go visit his sister Angie. I'm really bummed that he's gone, but he'll be back on Monday. The kids have fall break today and tomorrow, so no school. Since I've finished all my quilts now (1 T-shirt and 2 denim), I'll be working on a latch hook rug and, surprisingly enough, maybe reading some books! When I was sewing before, it took too much concentration to listen to any audio books, so I haven't read or listened to anything in a very long time now. I don't know what I'm going to do during the actual winter because I'm out of material after I make the rug. I found patterns at D.I. for women's clothing, so maybe I'll see if I can come across some cheap material to actually make them.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Accidental Sleep Training

So last Friday, I was so tired I could barely function. I hadn't been able to sleep for a week and Lewis seemed to make noise (though not crying) every 2 hours or so. This is the kid who used to sleep 8 hour stretches! Desperate for some sleep, I tried turning the baby monitor off so I wouldn't hear his weird grunts but would still be able to hear his crying.

Two nights later, I realized I can't actually hear crying from across the house without the monitor. I asked the boys if Lewis woke up during the night, and they said no, but they sleep through almost anything. I noticed that Lewis seemed a little upset Saturday morning (after the first night), but he didn't sleep any extra during the day.

To make a long story short, I do keep the baby monitor on now, but Lewis can now fall back asleep on his own without making tons of noise. Also, he will go to bed wide awake and go to sleep without complaint. We have been there on naps for months. He's been ready to give up night feedings for a couple weeks now. He wouldn't eat much and always went right back to sleep. Phew. I'm glad it's over. I just feel awful for those two nights where he maybe fussed a lot (I'll never know) and couldn't hear him.

We went to two friends' baptisms on Saturday, Tayson and Marcus. It was really nice, and there was a lunch afterward for Tayson.

James had parent-teacher conferences on Monday, I went to one for Joseph on Monday, and James attended Kenny's yesterday. He also volunteered to go grocery shopping for me! That was pretty nice. Usually that only happens if I've just had a baby.

The rest of the week has been pretty relaxing. Tuesday, we went out for dinner and to the park. I've been happy about our favorite TV shows being back, mostly ABC comedies that we watch on their website. (Or the Roku app.) I'm glad there are some good, pretty clean shows out there.

As for this weekend, I have Super Saturday tomorrow! I'm just going to go the classes, hang out, and eat lunch. It should be great.

Katie has a funny obsession with hair this week. She got gum in it last week and gave herself bangs yesterday. They don't look terrible, actually. She also climbed up to the shelf in my bathroom and smeared lotion all over my mirror and put gel in her hair. At least, I hope it's gel. She's going to be the death of me.

Since I finished with doll clothes, I made a T-shirt quilt and denim quilt this week. They both turned out cute. They were both pretty fast since everything was already cut out. Today I'm making a cape for Katie. From leftover sheet pieces, I can make 2 more doll outfits too.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The End

I'm so glad James is done with mosquito abatement! We saw him very little last week because even when he was done, he had two meetings and two days of Homecoming duties. However, we had a great weekend watching Conference, eating lots of snacks, and working on projects. I made some more doll stuff and even a few baby rompers. They turned out so cute! Sewing kept me from eating too many snacks, too.

James took Katie to the dance Saturday night for an hour. She loved seeing all the princesses. I still think she was the prettiest one there. I might be biased, though.

We've had a pretty relaxed week, especially compared to our schedule since the beginning of school. I'm really glad things have calmed down a bit. Jonah comes over twice a week on average while his mom is at work. It can be challenging to stay in a good mood. Sometimes he and Kenny gang up on Katie and won't play with her. I hate that people say the genders aren't different from birth. Katie has access to all the "boy" toys she could want, and the boys have access to all the "girl" toys they want, but they rarely play with each other's toys. It's not because I've forbidden it either. They play imaginative games together all the time and often disagree about how to play the games.

For being so close in age, Katie and Kenny have often struggled to get along. Joseph and Kenny, on the other hand, have gotten along ever since Kenny was 18 months old and quit wrecking Joseph's toys. (And everyone loves Lewis.) Sibling relationships are interesting to watch.

I've been sleeping very poorly this week. It is rather disappointing that after two kids who slept through the night at 8 months, Lewis doesn't. I have hopes for 10 months, though, because that's when Joseph hit that milestone. Waking up at night is such a bummer at this point. I have had about ten good nights of sleep in the last year and a half. It's not as easy to manage as when I was 22.

I finished sewing all the AG doll outfits and ended up with 24. I have 4 more outfits to sew for Katie's baby doll, and then I'll start on my jean quilts and t-shirt quilt. (3 total) I'll probably listen to some audio books while I do it because straight lines are boring and don't take a lot of concentration. I'm especially excited for my first t-shirt quilt.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I'm still waiting for the magical day when Lewis starts sleeping all night. For right now, he wakes up once, sometimes twice. Basically, the same as when he was a tiny baby. From what I can tell, he weighs 16 lbs. now, so he isn't as tiny as he was as a 6-month-old. I'm just tired of waking up at night. I get up every morning feeling sleepy, no matter how long I stay in bed. I usually feel more awake after breakfast, but today I'm still tired even after forcing myself to work out. (I wish extra points were given for working out when I didn't feel like it, was too tired, or had a kid whine or climb on me.)

I have barely seen James this week. Last Friday, he and the boys went to Comicon. It was a pretty rough day at our house. Katie missed her brothers a lot and acted out. She was happy for the 2 hours that we did Barbies and the princess tea party, but after that, all heck broke loose.

The boys got back in time for the Primary program practice and pizza party. We got home from that in time to see James's grandparents, who were in town for a wedding. They stayed to visit for 1 1/2 hours. Then I had about an hour before it was time to go to the RS meeting. My ward rented a bus to pick up everyone. It was a ton of fun and a really great meeting.

Despite that, I really felt down in the dumps all of Sunday. Part of it is seeing one of my friends with her brand-new baby (from a distance; she just came to see her kids in the Primary program). She has 6 now. It has always been my dream to have 6. I don't know why I feel jealous of her. She is about 6 years older than I, so it's not like I'm even running out of time to have some more kids. For whatever reason, I'm feeling crazy and ready for another baby right now even though the one I currently have is still waking up. I should be grateful that my biology actually prevents me from getting pregnant while I'm nursing until the baby is about 9 months old. (That is what happened with Kenny and Katie, so I have an 18 month gap there.) Yes, I have tested that. That would make it possible by November, which is not so far away. Besides, I am already tired, and being pregnant and nursing together are more exhausting than anything in the world. I will just have to wait. I realize that this complaint is nothing compared to what many of my friends are going through when it comes to having kids. In relative terms, I have it easy. I don't understand where these negative feelings come from.

The kids did really well in the program. I'm glad. Getting ready for it was a little stressful.

Monday, we did see James, so we did FHE. We played Charades with the kids and they absolutely loved it!

Tuesday and Wednesday, James worked his last two days of mosquito abatement! He also had a meeting, so I didn't see him till 9 one night and 10 last night.

We are going on a date tonight, not sure what, but it will be nice. We haven't had time in the last month thanks to mosquito abatement, but now that that's over, it should be much easier to plan them. (Ha ha ha.)

Thursday, September 21, 2017


It's hard to remember all the events of a week. Maybe I'm getting old and need to write more often!

James is still working mosquito abatement. Next week is his last week! Hurray! Last week, he worked all of Saturday again, so it just felt like another regular day, just with more kids. I canned some tomato sauce and took Joseph took a birthday party. The timing worked out perfectly with getting the jars sealed and Lewis taking a nap. I think perfect timing is definitely one of God's tender mercies.

Monday, we went to Cherissa's for FHE and had s'mores. It was really fun. I could eat like a thousand of those things.

Tuesday - moquito abatement, so we didn't see James till about 8.

Wednesday - James was home, but we didn't do anything specific. We didn't feel like going anywhere.

Today, James is working mosquito abatement again. He was going to do Saturday, but he will be at Comicon with the boys. They leave tomorrow morning early.

I've still been sewing a lot. I had originally planned on pacing myself with the projects, but I actually enjoy it now and find myself sewing for a couple hours each day (if I have the time, which I usually do here and there.) Lewis is so mobile that he'd prefer to explore most of the time and is happy on the floor dumping something out. Katie actually loves to watch me sew, especially when it's stuff for her Barbie dolls. I think I've made about 40 pieces of clothing for them. I find them all over the floor, naturally. The thing I'm most excited about is that I made Lewis a Perry the Platypus costume from free patterns I found online. I already had some turquoise fabric that's also nice and thick in case it's cold. The shirt and pants turned out perfect, and I had the perfect amount of fabric for them, which made me really happy. I never thought I'd like sewing or even follow patterns at all. The internet is amazing for finding stuff like that. Regular paper is so much better than those tissue paper ones.

Our weekend is quite busy, but I'll report on that next post.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Heads Visit

We've had a lot of visitors this summer. Can you tell?

James's family arrived Wed. night. We just hung out for a bit. The kids were already in bed.

Thursday, I took the kids to the hotel to swim in the pool while Joseph was at school. They had a really great time. We relaxed during the afternoon and then enjoyed a meal together, then played a game of Balderdash. James won. I never play board games with him because I always lose. I know that sounds silly, but it's really not fun to play games when I never EVER win.

Friday, we went to the Harry Potter after-school library activity. The kids got to do a couple crafts and a scavenger hunt. We then hurried home, ate dinner, and then I took the boys to Tayson's birthday party (inc. Uncle Joseph). They had a really great time, and so did I because I got to hang out with some of the moms there. We got home late for bedtime, but that was okay.

Everyone left Saturday morning, including James, because he still hadn't finished getting his mosquito abatement hours. I worked on sewing during the day. Too bad the whole time we had visitors, I felt grouchy and tired due to PMS. Stupid PMS. All in all, though, it ended up being an okay Saturday even though we didn't see James all day.

Sunday we had a regional broadcast, so we were home by noon from church. That made for a very weird and long afternoon. I'm going to have to adjust to that again next year.

We haven't done anything of note this week, just D.I. and the library. James is going to do mosquito abatement Sat., so we've been able to hang out with him during the afternoons.

I've been working on getting the material cut into patterns that Melodie gave me from her mom. I actually found patterns for baby dolls at D.I., only 50 cents! 4 of the 6 views had all the pieces. I ended up having the exact amount of material I needed for those and a couple of actual baby clothes. I'm hoping to finish some of those for Katie's birthday. She can't say she doesn't have enough doll stuff!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Phenixes Visit

Friday, we picked a bunch of tomatoes and made salsa. I helped Mara finish up the slideshow for her wedding. It was fun to see all those old pictures of Ricky. I'm really glad I digitized everything a couple years ago. It has been really convenient. James and Myles went hunting after dinner while Mara and I hung out. We started a movie when they got back, but I fell asleep during it. Oops.

Saturday was really fun. I went shooting with Myles and Mara in the morning. After lunch, we went to the temple for the 3:00 session while Alyssa came to babysit. It was really great to be there. We got some Sonic shakes on the way home. After dinner, Myles and Mara went hunting while James and I put the house back in order.

Sunday, we had church. I was the only one in the library, but it went very smoothly. Myles and Mara stayed until after dinner, then headed to Rexburg.

Monday was a holiday. James took the kids out for the morning while I sewed. It was so awesome to both start and finish a project! We met up for lunch and then relaxed in the afternoon with one of James's friends and his kids, who are about my kids' ages.

Tuesday and Wednesday, James had meetings, so we didn't do much together. I did a little more sewing. I've been trying to spend time with Katie, but it's a challenge. I do her hair nice in the morning, but it often doesn't last more than an hour. I've made her Barbie clothes and played Barbies with her, but it never seems like enough. There's only so much playing I can do before I get totally bored anyway. I really miss my boys while they're at school. So does Katie. It's just not the same without them. They are so good with Lewis, too. I would never leave Katie and Lewis alone for too long. Because he is so mobile, he gets all kinds of stuff in his mouth. He is a constant hazard to himself!

The Heads arrived last night (Wednesday) and are here till Saturday. I took the kids swimming at the hotel pool this morning. So far this afternoon, we have just been relaxing and waiting for everyone to come home. They should all be here by 4 pm.