Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Birthday

Friday, we went to the library and picked up a few things at the store while I took Joseph out for his Book It pizza. We then went home and watched Trolls for family movie night. It wasn't as dumb as I thought it'd be. We had some cake and ice cream too.

Saturday, I had the most amazing birthday! It started off awesome because Lewis slept from 9:45 to 6:45, which meant I got a full 8 hours of sleep. I realized that my mild "blah" feeling comes from not getting quite enough sleep during the week. I usually get about 7 hours, which is enough for me physically but not enough mentally.

James made me breakfast, a delicious omelet, while I fed Lewis. We went to the Outdoor Expo and looked around. The kids loved it because they got free candy and played in a pirate ship. We also visited D.I. and got a few things for Lewis, like an umbrella stroller and front pack since our previous ones wore out. James made lunch with one of my presents - a new waffle iron. We spent the afternoon relaxing and eating snacks while watching TV. James and I went out to dinner at Vernal Brewing Company. It was absolutely delicious! There actually aren't very many restaurants we haven't been to yet, maybe 10 out of the 40, but they are the expensive ones. Hopefully we will be able to go on dates more often and experience the rest.

Once the kids went to bed, we hung out with Lewis and had some more cake and ice cream. (I was SO stuffed at this point.) Everything about the day was great except perhaps for my overeating to the point of being uncomfortable. It was delicious, though!

Monday, we had FHE with the kids and watched Studio C.

Tuesday, I went to the temple after dinner since it was my turn. I really felt the Spirit. Sometimes I am more sleepy and don't pay attention as well as I should.

Wednesday, James took the kids out for an adventure while I relaxed with Lewis.

I'm struggling with how I look right now. I feel really fat even though I look exactly like I did after my other boys. (After Katie I was 10 lbs. heavier than now, which really showed up in my face.) What I really need to do is stop worrying so much, but it's hard. Though it is possible for me to lose some weight now, it's hard for me to be motivated when I don't get quite enough sleep and wake up feeling grumpy. I know I'll get there. I'm going to ask James to put the scale away where I can't find it and just rely on my tape measure.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


It's been really hard to wake up since the time change. I wish they'd just do away with it, but I suppose there are more important things for Congress (or whoever's actually in charge of it) to argue over. Oh well.

James's family came to visit this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. We had corned beef and cabbage on Thursday. Friday, I went birthday shopping for some new shoes and other misc. items with Melodie. The kids all went swimming in the afternoon while I spent it with Lewis. Then we went out to dinner at the Chinese place. Melodie and I watched "When Calls the Heart" while the others played games. That can be hard to do while I'm feeding Lewis.

They had to leave Saturday morning. I went to baby shower in the afternoon. After that, we hung out until 8, when two of James's friends came over for games. We played a really interesting game called Mansions of Madness.

Sunday was pretty normal. I went to all of church after James had his morning meetings. We did FHE a day early with Cherissa and Tayson because...

Monday, James worked for 3 hours on our dishwasher. Unfortunately, it's still broken. :( It may be a few months before we can afford a new one, but with this being the 3rd repair in 4 years, I think it's time to replace it. Bummer.

Tuesday, James went to the temple. The kids and I caught up on some reading. Joseph has finished 2 sets of books from school now! I think by a year from now, he'll be reading anything he wants.

Wednesday, I went to a stake RS birthday party that also had pie. It was fun. I even took Lewis, and aside from forgetting the diaper bag (I'm out of practice), it was perfect.

Today has been the most blah day of all. Lewis has been a little grumpy and not napping as long as he normally does. I think it's probably another growth spurt.

I just want to feel normal. I feel about 90% of normal, but there's that 10% that keeps nagging me in the back of my mind that I never do enough, am not a good mom, and will ultimately fail to make a difference in anyone's life. Once I get out of bed and start my day, I usually feel fine. Today has just dragged on more than usual. My birthday is coming in a few days. If that doesn't cheer me up, I don't know what will!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week 6

We had a really good week. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, both sunny and warm, and all the snow is gone except for a tiny bit of ice on the cold side of our house. I'm so excited! This time of year, it feels like everyone comes out of hibernation and is really happy.

I had an eye appointment on Friday and ran some errands. We went to the park on Saturday and also bought some fertilizer for our yard. The kids had a great time. They've been playing outside with friends all week. It's so great to be able to send them out. We've all been going crazy from being cooped up all winter. They helped me clean up the yard. We always get lots of trash that blows in during windy days.

For FHE on Monday, we bought and watched Moana. I love that movie! It was a great ending to a stressful day. The dishwasher broke and I thought I already had the right part, but it turns out I didn't and had to order it from ebay. It wasn't expensive, but I'll have to wash by hand until the 21st (or until I get it fixed.) It looks a little complicated. This will be my 3rd time fixing the stupid thing. It's a Bosch and not that old. I think it was maybe a year old when we moved in 4 years ago. Oh well.

James and I started a "temple Tuesday" tradition. It was my turn this week. I enjoyed it, even though I was kind of sleepy.

I had my 6-week postpartum appointment yesterday. It went well. I thought it was in the afternoon but it ended up being the morning, and my neighbor that I would've asked to watch my kids was sick, so I took the younger 3 with me. They were a little crazy (except for Lewis, who slept the whole time), but we made it. I able to get back sooner from shopping in the afternoon.

I've been getting ready for our visitors, the Heads, who arrive this afternoon. I made bread and got things ready for corned beef and cabbage along with my normal, routine housework. All that remains is to sweep and clean outside. I'm excited to introduce Lewis to everyone (except Grandma, who already met him and needs no introduction). He's grown a lot since she saw him last anyway and is now smiling. I'm so glad to have such a happy baby who sleeps so well.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 5

Not a lot has happened this week. Lewis is starting to smile, though it's mostly on accident. It's so cute. His naps are getting somewhat shorter (not 4 hours long anymore), but his sleep at night only continues to get better. He's done 7-8 hours for the first stretch all week. He's also going to bed earlier, around 8:30 some nights. Of course it's still pretty unpredictable, but I can't complain.

Everyone loves Lewis a lot. There are sometimes fights over who gets to hold him or play with him on the floor. We're working on tummy time. I always hate doing it, and so do my babies.

The snow is finally melting! The weather forecast is in the mid to high 50's and sunny all week. I'm so happy. I've had a few mornings where I wake up feeling kind of sad, even though the sun is up, but once I get out of bed and start the day, I feel fine. My reflux is gone now too. I was worried that it was going to stick around. I think eating healthier has helped it a lot. It's also helped me to start losing weight. Hurray! By June I should be back at pre-pregnancy weight or pretty close. Those last few usually won't budge while I'm nursing.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 4

Lewis is 1 month old! How is that even possible? He is such a wonderful baby. The only time  he's really been cranky was for a few days this week when he went through a growth spurt. I had to nurse him constantly when he was awake. Thankfully, he still slept normally at night - only waking up once around 3 a.m.! I get plenty of sleep thanks to him.

Sometimes nursing can be depressing, a little. I'm barely starting to work on my excess weight, so during those growth spurt days, I literally felt like a fat cow. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though. Joseph was sick for a day, and I didn't worry as much because I know Lewis is getting plenty of antibodies. (At least, I wasn't a total germaphobe, but I didn't let Joseph hold or kiss him while he was sick. But they do live in the same house!)

I guess my big outing this week is going grocery shopping and running a few errands. I was going to go to the ward temple night last night, but I had a terrible headache that ibuprofen wouldn't touch. Last night was the first night I didn't wake up sweating, though, so maybe my hormones are almost back to normal! I don't remember ever sweating this much before.

I was feeling a little down one evening, though nothing compared to a few weeks ago. Katie started telling me how Jesus is her friend. It was really cute and brought tears to my eyes.

I guess that about covers it for the week. Time for another feeding!