Friday, December 23, 2011

A Testimony

I feel like I need to share my testimony this week, but I don't know why. Since today is Joseph Smith's birthday, I thought I'd share a few thoughts about him.

In the Doctrine & Covenants, it is said that Joseph Smith did more for us than anyone except for Jesus Christ. I truly believe that. Unlike Christ, Joseph Smith was not a perfect man. He had his faults, just as we all do, yet he still accomplished great things. He translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God, for which I am very grateful. The Book of Mormon is a blessing to all those who read it and seek to find out if it's true. I know that it is, which means that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God.

I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which God organized through Joseph Smith. I cannot imagine what a large task it must have been to restore the truth to the earth. It is still rejected in many cases, but the Church has grown to fill the whole earth, as prophesied by Daniel in the Bible.

Because of Joseph Smith, I enjoy countless blessing from being a member of the Church. I couldn't possibly name them all. During this season, I'm especially grateful for eternal families and the sealing power that binds us together. Life has its ups and down, but our family stays strong because of the Gospel.

I could say a lot more. Needless to say, I am very grateful for all that Joseph Smith did in his life. I hope that my little Joseph can live up to his namesake (well, one of them!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Week

We move in a little over a week. Where did the time go? It doesn't look like we're moving, because we don't have enough stuff to pack up this far in advance. (Ha ha.) Therefore, absolutely nothing has been packed yet. Knowing that I will have to next week really makes me want to get started, but there is nowhere to put the boxes even if I were to pack them. I guess that's the dilemma of a tiny apartment. (Tiny = less than 500 square feet.)

I feel a little more peaceful about moving than I did, but I know I'm still going to miss Rexburg a ton. I've been here for 5 years now, with a few short months in North Carolina one summer and another summer in Alaska. I haven't really moved since I first started going to college, and I still remember how hard that 1st month was.

There is so much to do, but not really anything I can do yet! I guess I'd better figure out what our new address is so I can switch that stuff over...


I can't believe that Christmas is coming so soon. I'm very grateful that I got all the presents done and sent early, because this wouldn't have been a good week to do so. I'm excited for this weekend and even more so for the end of today. Joseph and I are about to embark on an epic journey of errands. It's not easy to lift him in and out of his carseat, and I can't just leave him in the car, even if the errands take 5 minutes inside. Despite that, we will survive somehow, because James is in Utah for the day. I can't wait until he gets home! Considering that he's done with school, I haven't seen him any more than I would have during school. He just doesn't have homework during the evenings.

Life is good. I just don't want to move next Christmas! (This is the 3rd year in a row. I think that's slightly worse than being in the military.)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's amazing how one good night of sleep after a week of not-so-good sleep can really turn things around.

Last night, I thought that life was hard. It's not, really, or at least it doesn't have to be! Looking at what I wrote down is almost funny. Why was I so worried about such trivial things? Why do these things only come up when I'm sick, tired, or both? I guess that's just part of life: learning from these times when all seems lost and laughing about those moments a day later.

I will admit that I have a certain amount of trepidation about our upcoming move. It's not the move itself but rather what I feel that I'm losing from moving away from Rexburg. I've lived in this town for five years now and have grown quite comfortable. I'm comfortable in my current home as well. I have an exercise partner, a piano to use, and a wonderful shopping buddy. I know Rexburg better than I know my hometown in North Carolina. Rexburg doesn't change as quickly.

I worry a little about being on my own in a new ward. I don't feel that making fast friends is a talent I have, but perhaps it's one I should seek out this coming year. It's also a little scary to think of having two kids. I don't know why, but Joseph's illness this past week has probably made me a little more anxious about that. Now that he's getting better, he's back to his wonderful, cheerful self, and I couldn't be happier to welcome another little boy.

I look forward to having a 2-bedroom apartment. It almost feels like extravagance to have my own washer and dryer, a pool, and to live in town right behind a super Walmart. That will be so convenient.

I find comfort in knowing that the Gospel never changes. We will still be members of the same church. We will probably fit right in, because that's never been a problem before. Being a member of the Church is so awesome. Even a summer in Alaska where I knew two people was great, because we had an awesome branch to go to.

I'm so grateful to have gotten a good night of sleep for the first time in a week. I thought I had truly entered the horrible insomnia phase of pregnancy, but maybe not. I'm starting to feel fat and uncomfortable, since I can't breathe as well, but that will improve over the next few days when this cold is gone! I sort of have "restless leg" syndrome, but only mildly, in my right leg.

I'm grateful that James graduates tomorrow! Or pretends to, as he says. This is the end of his most demanding semester EVER. Hurray!

It's been an okay week, but it's so much better now. I've been able to read a lot, and James is giving me a new book for every "12 days of Christmas". We will also start our own "12 days of Christmas" for a family in the ward. We're not going every day, but every 3 so we don't get burnt out.

Life is good. I can't wait for James to have a "break" before we move. Holy cow. It's all going by too fast.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tender Mercies

The Lord's in charge, and I definitely noticed that this week. It's been tough, because Joseph has been acting a little strange. First of all, he had a few days where he ate a ton. Then, he decided that he was going to fall over a lot (stumbling a lot worse than his usual walking) and not walk at all for a day and a half. I actually took him to his "well baby" check yesterday, and he was acting fine, of course. Then, he woke up this morning completely grouchy and wouldn't walk again. It turns out that he has a hurt knee, which somehow I figured out while holding him on my lap. There was only one appointment available today, and James was able to take him at that time. That allowed me to get a much-needed nap, since both boys were very restless last night and kept me awake. (Ugh. I hate insomnia more than anything, but I especially dislike being kicked really hard from the inside!) By some miracle, I finished the laundry early while they were gone. Joseph got a few X-rays and there is some swelling in his knee. He was prescribed an expensive medication, but Walmart was out of it, so we got 10-dollar ibuprofen instead. Joseph has been much happier and took a great nap this afternoon. I'm hoping that he'll be back to normal pretty soon! I've felt like an awful, paranoid mom this week because I just couldn't figure out what was going on with this kid! However, I know that it will be all right. I had a chance to do some reading this week, which was really relaxing, despite all the craziness. I didn't even mention that he had his first tantrum (30 minutes long) due to his sore knee and that two doctor's appointments back-to-back yesterday took 3 hours! James has been such a lifesaver. He brought me a delicious snack yesterday when the appts. where over, because I was starving! Never doing that again, needless to say. It's not fun. Maybe tomorrow will be a more "fun" day...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Small Things

I feel like December has laughed in my face so far. All that I've really wanted is a simple month. It really hasn't been. It's been a month of working myself too hard, slight car trouble (especially lame when you only have one car!), and overall stress because of the end of the semester and our upcoming move.

I know that God wants me to be happy. I've been forgetting to "look up" from all that's been going on to realize the small and simple things that bless my life each day. The small and simple things are so easy to overlook, but I think they also bring the greatest happiness when we stop and realize how wonderful they are. My small and simple things for this crazy month...

1. The smell of baking bread. I've always loved that smell, but it was even better a few days ago, because I was making a loaf that would be given away. It made me feel good to have a decent "Plan B" Christmas gift after I'd run out of eggs!

2. Naptime all at once. For the most part, it's been a good transition for Joseph. It's somewhat more convenient, and I can get a lot done in 2 hours. I love my easygoing little guy. He's napping as I type.

3. Cups instead of bottles. I thought that taking away the bottle would be hard, but it really hasn't been bad. An added blessing is that Joseph drinks less milk, which I'm grateful for. I was planning on cutting him back anyway, so now I have less work to do!

4. Nursery. Primary lessons are much easier to plan now that James can help, and they are a lot less distracting without Joseph there. He doesn't cry much, and I love seeing his little smile when we pick him up at the end of church.

5. Crocheting. It was much easier to pick up than I thought, and though I still need practice, it was cool to do something new at the end of the year. Usually, I'm feeling kind of lazy by now.

6. Lights. I love our solitary strand of lights draped across the bookcase. It brightens up the place and looks really awesome when the lights are off. Joseph loves them too.

7. A new apartment. I'm excited that I will finally have my own washer and dryer, a lot more space, and even a pool! It will be great to sit at a kitchen table again. I've really missed that.

8. Great friends. I think I enjoy grocery shopping more than the average person, because I have a good friend to go with. The drive to Idaho Falls seems very short, and we both save lots of money. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today would have been much better if I'd used the word no at least once.

Sometimes in life, you volunteer to serve. At other times, you are asked to serve. I'm okay with both of those.

I'm not okay with being volunteered to do something, just because someone is sure that I won't say no (which is generally true.). That's exactly what happened to me while I was trying to run errands with Joseph and an almost flat tire. (Or at least that's how it seemed. It turned out not to be the case, but still, I was pretty mad about it.) I also received the phone call right as I was paying for some stuff I laminated and trying to carry it all, plus Joseph, back to the car. In case you were wondering, there is no easy way to unlock the door of the car, hold your stuff, and keep your child from running out in the parking lot. I called them back, don't worry. But how could I refuse this opportunity when a) The person already assumed I'd say yes and b) I really had no good excuse? Lucky for me, I got the tire filled with air, and it was fine. Also, I had just enough time to eat lunch, even though 5 minutes of shoveling food in my mouth would usually not settle too well.

Thank goodness for James, who had lunch ready when I got home. And thank goodness the internet started working again! This really is an okay Saturday. I guess it just hasn't been as relaxing as I'd planned. I worked myself too hard yesterday already and didn't eat enough. Eating out for dinner did not help things. I've really lost my taste for anything but homemade pizza. The fast food stuff is either too salty, too meaty, or way too cheesy and/or greasy. Pizza Hut is all of the above!

I choose to do nothing productive the rest of the day. I'm just too tired.

On a positive note, working too hard yesterday yielded 3 very good things:
homemade toffee, which is delicious and almost gone
clean laundry, including the sheets, because I always forget them
a completed present for James, which I shall not reveal until after Christmas!