Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Break, Pt. 1

Wednesday morning, we opened all but a few presents with our kids and had breakfast. I ran a few errands with Joseph, went to a doctor's appointment, and attended my self-reliance class. I also cleaned and packed for our trip.

Thursday was travel day. We made pretty good time and actually got to Rexburg around 4. That was even with a stop in Pocatello to see Rex and Joseph, who were on their way to get Angie and did not get back till the middle of the night when we were all asleep. We had dinner and then went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was a fun movie. Even better is that it was free! Sam and Jesse went too.

Friday, I worked on my latch hook rug and cooked dinner after my nap (yellow curry). Rex and Melodie went to clean the temple. I went to bed early, around 10, because I hadn't had a very good nap.

Saturday, Christmas Eve, I worked on my rug again and cooked jello, bread bowls, and potato soup for the non-dairy folk. I attempted a nap that didn't go well. The kids all went to a live Nativity, we had dinner with the Lees, and we did our own Nativity. I opened a cute cowboy blanket for Lewis. We opened the rest of our presents from Grandma Lee, set out stockings and presents, and then went to bed. I was exhausted and uncomfortable by then. It's been really hard to keep cool in this house. If it's not the wood-burning stove, it's the oven being on. I feel miserable when I am too hot, which is almost always unless I am in my own house.

Sunday, Christmas Day, I got the kids ready for Church and had breakfast. They had a little candy from their stockings before leaving. I didn't go to Church because I wasn't feeling well (fatigue, high blood sugar) and I broke down crying out of sheer frustration and loneliness. All my siblings are home in NC right now, but I'm here instead. It would have been our year to go, but my pregnancy might have ruined it anyway. I don't think they want anyone to fly at 35-36 weeks. We haven't spent Christmas with my parents since 2012. I really just want to do Christmas at my own home in Vernal, because I keep things really simple. Here there is no rest from the constant flow of people, goodies, or attention to some small details that I don't feel are important. (Example: bread bowls. They turned out more like rolls. For all the time I spent on them, I really felt like it was a waste.) I was feeling a bit better by the time everyone got home from Church. We opened presents and had scrapple for lunch. Then we headed to the Head grandparents' home for the day. It was a pretty good day. I worked on my rug while dinner was cooking and talked to my family for a while after dinner. Too bad the internet didn't cooperate very well, and then cell phone service died shortly thereafter. We still had a good conversation. The drive home wasn't too bad despite all the snowy weather.

Monday was a bit frustrating. I worked on my rug some more and we had dinner with the Lees. The really hard part was working on all the digital photos from the past 20ish years. I consolidated (Tuesday morning too) from 5 computers, 4 jump drives, and 8 SD cards onto 2 external hard drives. It took forever because the computers are old, but I got it done. I really can't do the next part, which is actually organizing the pictures into years and then possibly subcategories. I wish the family luck on organizing it further, because there are 75 gigabytes of data just in pictures.

Tuesday, I still worked on my rug while doing pictures, as I mentioned before. James and I went out for lunch at the Thai place. It was so yummy! We stopped at D.I. afterward and I even got a nap. After dinner, the Rammells came over for dessert and a game. The game was called Code Names and was actually really simple and fun. I worked on Melodie's pictures a little more and showed her how to go about organizing them. It shouldn't be too terrible, actually, thanks to the genius of Picasa.

Wednesday, I finished my rug! (A whole day early too, so I felt pretty happy about that.) I also read the next lesson for my self-reliance class. It was sad not to be there in person. I worked on a few paperwork-type things that I needed to get caught up on. I went to my first ever massage in the afternoon. Angie had one too, so I drove her and read a book while I was waiting for mine. It was so incredibly relaxing. I almost fell asleep, and the half hour was definitely over way too fast! We had dinner and then celebrated Jacob's birthday by going to Rogue One. It was a really good movie, even worth staying up late for.

Today, Thursday, should be pretty relaxing. I'm finishing up putting all the photos in one place. There is one more computer after I finish up the CD's and DVD's. I'm making dinner tonight, eggs rolls and fried rice, and then Kenneth and Nick are coming over at 8. Other than that, I'll probably just hang out and get ready to leave tomorrow. It's been a really good, but challenging week for me. I am definitely ready to go home and get back to my own bed and schedule.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Myles, Mara, Carmel, and Nash arrived safely in Vernal last Thursday at 11ish. We had fun staying up late and eating junk food. I wish they could have stayed another day, but they had to leave the next morning to make the long drive to NC. I finished my first queen-sized denim quilt! My plan for the break is to make the latch hook rug and then do the last queen quilt when I get back from Rexburg. Then, I should still have 2 plus weeks to prepare for the baby.

James and I went to the faculty Christmas party on Friday night. It was really fun. We enjoyed a yummy meal and participated in the white elephant gift exchange. Two people got to take home live chickens!

Nash did stay until Saturday night. That was a bit of a fiasco. He had apparently missed an exam and somehow didn't know he needed to stay in Provo. There were no buses available (and there is only one from Vernal to SLC a day anyway), so James had to drive him Saturday night and come back Sunday morning. That meant I had to sleep alone and worry about icy roads, transfer the car seats to the crappy Corolla, and shovel the snow before church so we could be on time. That was not fun. James's phone also died, so I had no contact with him until he showed up at church about 20 minutes late. I was so worried that I started crying. Thankfully I was able to pull myself together. They told me it was my last week in Primary. Hurray! It was a crazy day; 8 kids all bouncing off the walls, and the super rowdy one even left early.

We did have a good Saturday. The teachers' union gave us a ticket to see Moana for free. I really enjoyed it. I think it's the first time James and I have ever been to a movie with our kids. (It doesn't help that Vernal doesn't have a cheap theater.) The kids did remarkably well. We got a few errands done after that and then James took Nash shooting while I napped. They went to try to get Nash on the bus, but no luck there since it got cancelled.

This week has been good, but a little boring so far. I am ahead on lots of chores and things. We plan on opening presents tomorrow. It will also be prep day for the trip since we leave Thursday. I also have a doctor's appointment and self-reliance class. I always worry that I'm going to forget something for the trip, but that really doesn't happen. Still, it is a source of anxiety for at least a few days before (and on the drive there too.)

I am so tired of being tired. It's always something keeping me awake: heartburn, restless legs, having to use the bathroom, aches and pains, weird dreams, insomnia, too warm...
Going to bed at night just isn't the break from life that I need. Some nights it feels like I see every hour on the clock. Thank goodness for naps. I can't wait to be done being pregnant. Having a newborn is so much more restful that being kicked from the inside.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Projects, Reflux

Dad and Nash arrived safely Thursday night. It was not a good night of sleep for me. Nash decided to dismantle James's gun and bang on the table till about 4 a.m. I got barely any sleep.

I had Dad fix a couple of small things while he was here. He installed new handles on the small bathroom sink, fixed the leaky tub faucet that wouldn't turn on, and reinstalled the panel on the front of the dishwasher. It's pretty great not to have to turn off the bathroom sink after the kids use it. The lever-shaped handles are much easier for them to use than the round, plastic ones.

I felt really terrible Friday night. I'd had a lot of treats (Cheetos, chocolate, etc.) and pushed my normal heartburn to the next level. I ended up eating barely anything for dinner and sent James to the store for the stronger heartburn medication. I'm glad I could recognize the terrible tightness/squeezing in my chest. It's like what I had after Katie was born, though not as severe because I recognized it this time. The medicine finally kicked in by 5 a.m. I needed it for 3 days, but I haven't needed anything for the past 3. People who say eating habits don't matter are just wrong! They really help, even with the pregnancy heartburn, which does have a lot to do with the baby pushing everything up.

Saturday we went to D.I. and then Golden Corral for dinner. James took Nash shooting in the afternoon. I'm so glad I was feeling better.

Sunday was pretty normal. I really struggled with my class because there were 8 there, and one of them was the kid with severe (and unmedicated) ADHD. I think we got about 5 minutes of spiritual stuff in the 45, but at least that's better than nothing. I do not deal well with the rowdy kids. It's one thing when kids are fidgety. I get that. This one will not keep his hands to himself or listen to anything I say. It makes me want to pull my hair out. Church is during when I normally eat lunch and take a nap, so that really doesn't help matters. Dad and Nash left early afternoon, so I spent some time over the next day putting things back together.

Monday and Wednesday we delivered goodies to the neighbors. I usually end up with a hodgepodge of things based on what I have in my cupboard. I did a combination of curry powder/coconut milk/recipe for curry bags, brownies, peanut butter cookies, and pumpkin bread. I finally got around to listening to my Christmas playlist this week too and read some Christmas books from the library. I've been keeping busy with my first queen-sized denim quilt since I finished all my small projects last week. I'm all set to finish the quilt by Tuesday, make the latch hook rug during Christmas break, and then finish the last queen quilt during January. It is really fun to see it all coming together. I can't wait to donate a big pile of stuff to charity.

We still keep receiving gifts that we don't feel we deserve. Mosquito abatement bosses came by and brought a huge turkey and a 3 lb. box of chocolates. I plan on cooking the turkey tomorrow for dinner because there is no room in the freezer for it! (First world problem, definitely.) Myles, Mara, Carmel, and Nash will be here tomorrow night on their way back to NC for Christmas. I hope sometime we can go for Christmas, but this year wouldn't have worked out anyway. I'd be flying back at 36 weeks pregnant, which I don't think airlines like very much.

We had preschool today and visited James at school for a little while during the fundraiser, during which no one has to take school seriously. It was fun even though Katie had a huge meltdown right before we left home. She still refuses to wear pants, boots, or coats. Actually, she has been pretty horrible to me this whole week, and I'm not sure why. I hope it's just a phase. My pregnant emotions don't handle being called stupid by my 3-year-old, even though I know it isn't true.

It's been a good week. A few inches of snow are making it seem more like Christmas. I'm glad I have enough to keep me busy. It really helps me take my mind off of being tired and helps me feel less grumpy because I know I'm accomplishing something good. Maybe I will sew for charitable causes every year.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


James returned safely from D.C. around midnight on Sunday. I actually had a decent time while he was gone. I kept myself busy with cutting and pinning all the crafts that I've been working on. On Saturday, I purchased a few supplies to be able to finish the crafts and took the kids out for lunch at McDonald's. They loved it, of course. I made the mistake of sitting on the floor to tie baby blankets. My back really paid for it for several days afterward. I could barely sleep due to sciatic nerve pain. Thankfully that is better since I now have a cold the deal with.

Sunday was the worst day of him being gone because I didn't work on any crafts but also started feeling pretty lonely. Everything well pretty well though, all things considered. I talked to the families like always and even worked on our Christmas card. I have yet to print it because the printer ran out of ink and then I bought the wrong cartridge. Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend!

This week has been decently good despite my being sick. We watched the Christmas devotional for FHE and had muddy buddies (family tradition). Last night (Wed.) was the ward Christmas party. We ended up with tons of good leftover from it. Someone also dropped off a box of food and goodies on our doorstep on Tuesday night. The kids were so excited to unpack it and put everything away. Someone loves us!

My new sewing machine came Tuesday! It is so much better than the old, clunky one I've been using for 5 years. I have sewn together most of the small things (like baby blankets and bags) and hope to finish them today. That leaves me a latch hook rug and 2 queen-sized denim quilts to make, which should take up lots of time until the baby is born.

Self-reliance class again today. I'm still really enjoying them. Facilitating went well last week. Nash and Dad are coming to visit tonight through Saturday, so that should be fun too.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving, D.C.

I've been a little grouchy. Mid-November is really when the lack of sunlight starts getting to me and I feel a little crazy. I know I complain about this every year, but it continues to be a challenge every year. (In other words, it really sucks.)

My blender came in the mail on Friday! I don't have a lot of things to blend in it right now except for bananas, so we've had a few pretty awesome banana smoothies. I plan on getting back into green smoothies as soon as we get back from Thanksgiving and I go shopping. I can't wait. I drank lots of them when I was pregnant with Kenny (at least 2-3 a week for the last 3 months of pregnancy) and felt really good. That was definitely my healthiest pregnancy. I wish this one could have gone better, but I've realized there is only so much I can do for my mental/emotional state. That part gets harder every time. I really don't think I can do more than one more pregnancy without reaching suicidal. First, I have to make it through this one, though!

James was gone a lot on Saturday, so I got really bored and grumpy. I've realized over and over that boredom really kills me emotionally. It's better for me to work a little too hard and end up tired at the end of the day instead of sitting around and trying to conserve my energy. That never seems to work anyway. When I'm bored, I eat more and have to deal with the blood sugar spikes. (Not a great feeling to have.)

Sunday was okay. I only had 5 kids in class, which is pretty much a record low.

Monday and Tuesday were prep days for the trip, lots of laundry and packing. It went all right.

We picked up Nash in Provo on Wednesday and got to Rexburg in time for dinner. All the cooking was pretty much done, so I didn't end up helping with any. I was okay with that, because I was really tired.

Thanksgiving Day was great. I cut up a bunch of pants both before and after the meal/my nap. Carmel helped, or there's now way I would have finished. I have enough squares now for 2 king-sized quilts! That's crazy. The meal was wonderful, including all the normal dishes. I am very thankful to be alive, in good health, and to have such a great family.

Friday, I did a little shopping with Carmel. She was my navigator. I found 3 nursing bras for 60 bucks at Target (even after tax) and stocked up on some spices and things at Winco. I took another nap after lunch. We then went to the Lee grandparents' house for dinner.

Saturday, Melodie, Anna, and I attended a baby shower for Emily, Kortni, and me. It was a lot of fun. We had brunch and exchanged beads that we thought described each other. The games were fun too. We headed up to Driggs (Victor) for the rest of the day. It was nice and relaxing, but we did get home late and my kids and I were all grumpy.

We left Sunday morning, stopping only for sacrament, to drop off Nash, and for a small snack + gas. It was great to arrive home in time to unpack and eat dinner before talking to my family.

Monday, I caught up (including shopping, even though I was exhausted by that point) and decorated our house for Christmas. It's so nice to have a fake tree that we just have to pull out of the shed. The kids really had fun decorating it. I rearranged the ornaments after they went to bed.

Tuesday was a normal day. So was Wednesday. I hosted preschool this week.

James left Wednesday night for D.C. He will be back on Sunday. We miss him already, but I am less stressed about his trip than I was a few weeks ago. I've been in full-on crafty mode, cutting and pinning things since my sewing machine doesn't work. James told me he bought me one for Christmas, so it should arrive next week. I will have a lot of things ready to go by then. Hopefully, I don't run out of prep work before then and get really bored.

Today is self-reliance class again, the 5th one (6th overall). I am facilitating because the leader will be gone. It should be great.

Life is good. I feel a lot better this week than I did last week. I suppose healthy eating, exercise, and working on something that makes me feel useful really helps.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


My piano student officially changed her lessons to Fridays. I thought for a while that she wanted to quit, but I'm glad she is continuing.

We finally got the car registered! The part ended up being less than 10 bucks, not almost 40, which was great. All those little things that were bugging me have now been taken care of and I can focus my attention on more important things.

We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. I will admit, spiritual-wise, this year has been a really tough one for me. I blame it mostly on the pregnancy. I've had such a hard time doing anything outside of going to church, praying (which I am bad at at night), and reading the scriptures. My temple attendance has been terrible - maybe once a month. That is pretty lame since I live 12 minutes away. I wasn't super excited about going to the adult meeting because it was Saturday night and I just wanted to watch TV. I am glad I went. One of the messages that stood out to me was on looking for joy in everyday life. I am really trying to be happy. I just don't like always having to make the effort, especially at this time of year. I dread the holidays a lot.

I have finally figured out that eating 3 meals a day is my best bet. That goes against what all pregnancy advice says, but it works for me. It's how I normally eat anyway, my meals are just a little bigger than they would be non-pregnant or nursing. When I was eating snacks, my blood sugar would always go up again and I'd feel terrible for several hours afterward. It's better for me to eat healthy meals and deal with the spike only 3 times. After breakfast I do all my housework and exercise, so the spike is brought down by that. After lunch, I take a nap, and after dinner, I'm usually tired anyway. I still need to work on not eating after dinner, but I feel so emotional then that I just don't deal with it very well.

They lied when they said I'd worry less about subsequent pregnancies. I feel like I worry just as much as the first time -  maybe even more sometimes. It doesn't help that I am already an anxious person about things I can't control. I get freaked out about minor things, and I know it's unreasonable, but I can't seem to help it.

We've had a good week, not much to report event-wise, just the same self-reliance class today, preschool yesterday, and general housework. I did a couple of hours of cleaning out on Monday, so that felt good.

My strategy for the holidays (or really, the rest of the pregnancy) is to stay busy. My goal is to completely use up my craft supplies, including ones I'll be getting from James's grandma when we're visiting. On the list are several more gift bags, baby blankets, a latch hook rug, and a king-size denim quilt. I'm also going to test and try a few new recipes (and tweak a few old ones) which will actually be possible when I have my blender. Setting up for Lewis will be a breeze, so that almost doesn't make the list of things to do, and I don't want to do it too early and get too anxious about him being born, since I'm counting on him being a few days late like my last two.

We just barely got our first snow today, about a month later than normal. If it's due to climate change, then I say bring it on. It's always a sad day when I have to start wearing socks inside. (Keeping the house at 68 is required for me not to feel like I'm dying.)

It's going to be a great 10-11 weeks. I am starting to get geared up for Christmas. Getting credit card rewards is one of the smartest things we've ever done, because it pretty much pays for Christmas. I love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sick Week

Friday morning was crazy because I had to retake my glucose test and take Katie to the doctor. I passed narrowly, but it took a lot of stress off my mind. I was even able to take a nap after lunch, which made my afternoon so much better.  After dinner, James hung out with the boys while I took Katie out for a mother/daughter date. I had her pick out some clothes using her birthday money from Grandma. She picked an Elsa shirt/leggings set and a bag of cheese puffs.

Last Saturday was supposed to be all nice and relaxing, but Kenny threw up so we didn't go anywhere or do anything. I did go play the piano for a baptism. It was very touching. He even started crying.

James kept the kids home from church. Primary was kid of tough because I didn't have much of a voice and they were crazy. I made it, though. No one else ended up getting sick, so that was nice. Kenny told me that he prayed that Jesus would help him feel better. I guess it worked!

I've been working on crafty stuff this week too. Last week I finished 8 drawstring bags to be used as reusable gift bags at Christmas. I even made my own cords from braided scraps of fabric. The bags were from scraps I had after making 5 baby blankets of various sizes (receiving, swaddle). I have enough material for 5 more, but 3 of them need additional materials (batting, backs) since they are crib size, 1 won't work on my klunky machine because it's stretchy, and the last one I can't do anyway because I need a new bobbin case. The screw won't stay tightened in mine anymore, which means the tension is way off and the stitching turns out really loopy. (I am a little annoyed with my machine, needless to say!) After the blankets and bags, I used those even smaller scraps to make almost 30 hairbows and several bracelets. I was able to use a lot of the fun buttons Melodie gave me on the bracelets. They will be gifts for my daughter, nieces, and hopefully one or two future nieces. All I have left to do it glue clips to the back. I only got 1 blister from the whole process, so I'd call it a success. I am also officially out of scraps. That makes me feel pretty good.

The epic saga of registering the car continues. James got one part fixed, but the other was wrong, so he ordered the right one. Hopefully I can return the incorrect part, because it was almost 40 bucks. The website wasn't working, so I'm going to have to call. My favorite. (Not.) Hopefully by this weekend we can get it inspected and registered! At least the geography stuff got sent in, so that isn't bothering me anymore. And, we both voted! I was surprised by the outcome of the election.

We had preschool and visiting teaching yesterday, both of which went well. I have another piano lesson today (I assume) and my second self-reliance class on personal finance. I have really enjoyed the class so far. It's fun to get out of the house and talk to some adults. I'm glad for the spiritual aspect of it all. It's something I need to work on more.

One awesome thing: I've been saving up for a nice blender since January this year, and I finally made my goal! I ordered my Blendtec last night. It's been really tough not to have a blender, so I am really excited. I need some green smoothies in my life. A food processor just doesn't do the job.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Procrastination Week

It's been an all right week, but a few things have been bothering me: our still-unregistered car that needs parts to pass inspection, James's unsubmitted geography endorsement application that was due in October, and the fact that I failed my first glucose test when I have been really good about not eating Halloween candy. I did come home from it and eat my first pieces of chocolate. Hey, I was sad. I get to (have to) retake it tomorrow, but I think I will pass since I'll have been fasting all night. If not, I'm going to be pretty upset.

I was so exhausted last Friday that James took the kids the to library Halloween activity and came back with pizza so I could attempt to get some rest. It was wonderful. I was able to inventory and put away all the craft stuff I got from Melodie without too many interruptions. He went to see Evan McMullin in town hall after dinner.

Saturday was Super Saturday. I took soup and hung out but didn't do any craft. I was fine with just hanging out after a really busy week. I took a nap while James and Devin went hunting. After dinner, we went to the Jensen pumpkin festival - our third year in a row, so you could say it's a tradition now. I always love seeing the different displays. There are fun activities for the kids too.

Sunday I had ten kids in my class again. They asked me if I needed help, but I said I would manage. They also asked me again if I wanted to be released when I have the baby, and I said yes. I have been in Primary going on 3 years in February (around the time they'll release me, I assume), so I feel like I've done my duty. I still end up subbing for piano at least once a month too. Having a newborn and trying to teach a big class just won't work when I am nursing. I pulled that off in the past because James was my co-teacher, but since he is ward clerk, that isn't going to happen.

Monday we had our ward trunk or treat and soup for dinner. It was a lot of fun. I was too tired to think about taking the kids anywhere else to trick or treat. They were happy with the candy they got. Thank goodness it's gone now too.

This week hasn't been too bad. I've just been stressing about things I can't control (see above). I know they will all resolve soon, but I still worry a lot that they won't. My OB appointment was okay aside from failing the glucose test. I'm not measuring so big anymore. (6 cm big before, now only 3)

I have my second self-reliance class today. The first one went really great last week. I decided to join a group on personal finance. There is always room for improvement, and I am looking forward to getting a more spiritual outlook on it as well. As for Friday (tomorrow), I think I'm going to start digging into the craft supplies. I can't help myself. Unfinished projects call my name loudly.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Break Pt. 2, Canning

Friday was a pretty fun day. James and I went on a date to Da Pineapple Grill, a restaurant that's been around forever in Rexburg but I'd never been to. We had a yummy lunch! Then we walked around campus to look at the art and got a few groceries for Melodie. I helped make cookies and two kinds of dips for Aunt Ruth's party. We were slightly late to the party, but it was really fun and everyone looked great all dressed up. The theme was Day of the Dead. I ate too much, but it was delicious.

Saturday, James worked with his dad all day in Twin Falls. Melodie was gone in the morning, so I just did laundry and cleaned a little. I've realized that doing laundry while on a trip is a good thing. It means less for when I get home, and I still haven't done any this week. Grandma and Grandpa Lee came over for dinner, so it was fun to see them. We then went to a little play called October Witches. It was a little over the kids' heads, but I enjoyed it.

Church was really good on Sunday. We got candy in both Sunday School and R.S. Anyone who brings candy is my friend. The lessons were inspiring as well. My siblings came over for dinner and Katie's birthday celebration. Katie loved her dinner, presents, and cake. It was especially cute when she opened her doll and hugged the box. We talked briefly to Mom and Dad, but it was really loud and the home teachers came soon after. I can't believe that little girl is 3!

Monday we packed up and left. It took a long time to get home due to making stops on the way: McDonald's with a playland for lunch, Smith & Edward's, and then Provo to see Nash. We went to the Bean Museum and then had dinner at the Creamery, which was really yummy. We finally got home at 9:30 and crashed.

Tuesday was catch-up day, mostly putting things away from the trip, going through papers, paying bills, and grocery shopping. We also went to tithing settlement.

Wednesday I worked on canning and dehydrating the 80 lbs. of apples that Melodie sent home with me. We had preschool at Jill's, my visiting teachers came, and I had a 3-D ultrasound. Dinner was also long to make (egg rolls) rather than simple, but I took the time because I love them so much. I crashed at bedtime, but it was worth it.

Today I finished canning the apples and dehydrated more. I got 17 quarts of applesauce and so far 10 trays of dried. I'll do another 10 of dried. I also have a drawer full of the best ones for eating. They are Honeycrisp apples, so they are delicious! I was also able to use up my garden tomatoes to make a few quarts of salsa. I got all that done by 1:00, so not too late for a decent nap, which brings me to right now.

A self-reliance class starts tonight, so I'm going to go and see if it looks like something I want to do. It lasts for 12 weeks, so that will help me get out of the house once a week up until I'm about to deliver a baby. I've realized that it's good for me to stay busy, because when I sit around, I realize how tired I feel, but the actual sitting doesn't make me feel any better, just sluggish.

It really was nice to get another look at this little guy's face. He kept putting his hand in front of his face, but I think he looks like Kenny. We'll see. Can't wait to meet him!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Break Pt. 1

Last Saturday, I wasn't feeling well because I had a cough that made my throat really sore. I actually ended up losing my voice for about 24 hours. I did get the shopping done for Katie's birthday.

Sunday was a regular day. Thankfully, my voice returned so I could teach Primary.

Monday, we had Cherissa and Tayson over for dinner and FHE.

Tuesday, I got ready for our trip and we left after school. We swam in the hotel pool in SLC. Everything was smooth about the day except for Katie throwing up in her bed. That wasn't fun to deal with, but it ended up just being some acid reflux and not a virus.

Wednesday, I worked with Rex until 2. It was crazy getting out of the hotel, but James handled it and went to the aquarium with his mom and the kids. I got the relax and read most of the day and get Chinese for lunch. James took my place at 2:00 and I drove with the kids and Melodie, Joseph, and Anna back to Rexburg. We had a quick dinner and I cleaned out the car and organized things while Melodie took all the kids to pack meeting. It was really great to get everything done.

Today has been pretty relaxing, but boring. I got a good night of sleep, thankfully, because I only got about 4 in the hotel. I really haven't done anything except laze around and eat. I finished the book I started yesterday. My siblings are coming over for dinner, which will be fun. I can't wait to hang out. Hopefully, this awful heartburn will go away soon. It's been worse the past few days, but that is mostly my own fault. Oops.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

(Less) Busy

This week has still flown by even though it wasn't quite as the busy as the past month has been. The weekend did end up being pretty relaxing except for pumping water from the crawl space. That is always a huge pain.

We had preschool Wed. morning and Joseph had a parent/teacher conference in the afternoon. His teacher says he is a very sweet boy, but I already knew that. :)

James will be gone tomorrow till late at night because he's helping a friend get a car from Provo after school. It's going to be a long day no matter what I do.

I've been extra tired because of a little cold, but I'm almost better. Colds are usually terrible for a few days, but then not so bad after that. I've been able to breathe just fine, but it is really annoying to have less energy than I already have. It has definitely made me more grouchy.

I found out today that one of my medical bills for my finger was reprocessed as in-network, so I only owe 53 dollars instead of almost 3,000. Needless to say, that totally made my day! Our tax return is still likely to get used up on medical bills, but now I can see that actually happening instead of having to pay the rest for months afterward. Insurance isn't perfect, but I am pretty happy with them today.

This weekend, I'll start getting ready for our trip for fall break. We leave Tues. night instead of Wed. morning, so I need to shop for Katie's birthday and get all our Halloween stuff out since we will get to go to Aunt Ruth's Halloween party. So exciting! We haven't been since I was pregnant with Kenny. I know the kids will love it too. I'm tired already thinking of packing, but I know it will be a fun trip.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I can really remember dreading the month of October last year, but this year I have been grateful so far. It's a welcome relief from the heat of summer now that I'm starting to feel warmer all the time, thanks to this warm little person in my belly. On that note, they say I am measuring big. I don't know what that means, really, but I think I look about the same as with Kenny. (With Katie, I was undoubtedly bigger.)

We took the kids to Joseph's school carnival last Friday. They loved it! The boys' favorite thing was the laser tag.

We had Conference last weekend and really enjoyed it. I'm glad to see that Pres. Monson is looking a little healthier than he has the past few years. We had way too many treats, of course, but they were yummy.

Monday, James didn't get home till after 7 because of parent/teacher conferences. Tuesday, he had bishopric meeting after we all got flu shots. Wednesday, I had my OB appointment and we went to see a choir concert that Katie loved. The boys got bored, but it was only 40 minutes long, so it was perfect. Today I have a piano lesson...if she comes. Her attendance has been spotty since school started. Oh well.

It should be a pretty relaxing weekend. I'm taking potatoes to a funeral tomorrow and have one of my students' baptisms on Saturday, but other than that, I think things will be a little less busy next week.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Perfect Timing

Last Saturday, I got to go to the RS dinner and broadcast. It was really great to hang out with friends and listen to inspiring messages. I got home in time for James to chaperone the Homecoming dance. He took Katie for the first 30 minutes so she could see the "princesses". She really loved it and is still talking about it almost a week later.

The Primary program was all right on Sunday. The kids didn't jump right in on their parts, so they got help, but oh well. It was cute to see them all wearing matching scarves and bow ties. I had 11 kids in Primary that day, which I think is too many for one teacher. I think I'm going to request that they split my class. I have the CTR 6 and 7 classes, so it shouldn't be too hard.

We had a fun FHE on Monday since James wasn't working late. We took the kids to the park and got ice cream afterward. (Just what I need, right?) Actually, I have been doing a lot better about not stuffing my face when I'm feeling emotional. I suspect it will be a lifelong battle but that it will hopefully get easier.

Today was one of those days that really did work out well. I was able to get the whole lawn mowed right before it starting raining. I also took the kids shopping and was only 30 minutes late taking a nap. I also have the perfect amount of time right now before Joseph gets home and my piano lesson starts (if she shows up, which may or may not happen.) The money finally showed up in our HSA, so I was able to make payments on our medical bills. It really feels like they will never go away, but I know they will in time.

It is James's last day of mosquito abatement! I am so excited! It's been really rough having him gone. He didn't get home till after 9 on Tues. and Wed. (and probably will today too.) The extra hours alone with the kids really wear me down, both physically and mentally. It's no fun to put them to bed alone and then hang out all by myself. I have been able to stay busy to fight the loneliness. The kids and I have watched almost all the episodes of Good Eats on Netflix, and I think today we will make a trip to the library.

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun. We are going to Joseph's school carnival, and then Saturday and Sunday are Conference! I can't wait to sit back and listen to more inspiring messages.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


It's been gray and rainy today, not my favorite kind of weather. Thankfully, we don't get a lot of rain. When we do, I feel somewhat ungrateful for not thanking God for the "moisture", but I'm never grateful to have a day where I feel grumpy due to the weather. This will soon pass, though.

Our weather has been nice and cool, so I haven't had to deal with being too hot. Usually that sets in around week 20 and I can't get comfortable unless it's cooler than 70 degrees. I've actually been doing fine, no heartburn yet either. I just feel grouchy sometimes for no particular reason. I manage to sleep pretty well but always have that touch of fatigue. Having a newborn is so much better than being pregnant. Or, that has been true for me 3 times, so I hope the pattern continues.

I feel like I haven't done much this week. The boys had another birthday party last Saturday and yet another one tomorrow. I've been catching up on Call the Midwife - the show and the equally awesome books - in my spare time. There's isn't even anything to organize. Not yet, at least. Once we get another dresser, I will definitely get out all the baby stuff.

I think our car battery is dead, which is lame, but at least batteries are relatively inexpensive. We will get that fixed today and go buy a present for Joseph's friend.

I'm trying to do better at not eating my feelings. So far, I am doing okay. One day soon, I hope, I am going to learn how to deal with the gloom without eating ice cream. (The fact that it upsets my stomach isn't enough to stop me, unfortunately.) This is going to be a bigger deal during the winter. I almost always gain 10 lbs. when I'm not pregnant just because I eat when I'm sad. I guess I deal with a lot of fear during pregnancy. After all, there are about a million things that can go wrong.

To end on a happy note, James passed his mosquito abatement tests and we got the Geog. endorsement stuff (or at least part of it) sent off! Two fewer things for me to worry about in the coming week. Also, next week is the last week of mosquito abatement until April! It will be so great to have James home in the afternoons, and we shouldn't have any more days in the next  6 months where he doesn't see the kids at all. Life is good.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Phenix Visit, Projects

We had a good time with Myles, Mara, and Carmel. They arrived around 9 pm last Wed., so we hung out and talked. The next morning, we went to see the dinosaur bones at the quarry. Carmel had never been. I think we all had fun. After lunch I napped, and then my siblings went shooting with James. With the arsenal my family owns, it seems like a necessary tradition to make sure the guns are still working. We attended the ward dinner/BBQ (as they call it in UT, though I would say cookout), and that was fun too. We just hung out for the rest of the evening, and everyone left the next morning.

Saturday, Joseph and Kenny and I went to Tayson's 7th birthday party. Going to birthday parties convinces me over and over that I will never be the type of mom to plan a party, which is fine. My kids love going, but that's just not my thing. It seems like a ton of work. I like having a small family gathering with cake and a few presents, and most of the time I am too lazy to use decorations. I do appreciate the effort that other moms go to in order to make a cute theme happen. The theme of this party was cars.

Sunday was actually kind of terrible. We had Primary program practice, which I think is the worst part of being in Primary. It's loud, irreverent, and very difficult to sit through. I had very little time to give my lesson, and I had 11 kids and only 10 copies (and the library isn't open during class, of course). It was a little rough. I always felt really appreciated as the pianist, but I hardly ever feel that way as a teacher. I suppose being at home with kids all week doesn't make me super excited to continue it on Sunday. (And I sit alone during Sacrament meeting, which is often very stressful and not fun. Katie is a terror.) This too shall pass.

I bit off a little more than I could chew on projects, but by some miracle, I ended up finishing all but one so far.

Monday: made a Shutterfly book of our summer. I get two free ones every year, so scrapbooking a whole years costs me $16 and takes only a few hours. I love it. Also organized bathroom cupboards.

Wednesday: built a linen closet inside my walk-in closet. Our house did not come with a dedicated space for linens, something that's always bothered me. This project involved cleaning 6-gallon buckets that had been outside for a while, cutting 2 by 4's so they'd fit, cleaning said wood off, hauling in a few cinder blocks, and then putting everything together. I also sorted through our junk wood pile and got rid of most of it. We never use it anyway, but that did take extra time. Now all my linens can go in one place! It looks a little ghetto, but I don't care. It took me a few hours and cost me absolutely nothing.

I also started a scrapbook for Lewis and sorted through all my rags so I can prepare to make another latch hook rug.

Today: cleaned the shed and swept up the mess from yesterday.

Organization is a never-ending project. I am always finding things that are worn out and need repurposing (or to be thrown away), things that have outlived their usefulness, or random messes in cupboards or closets that encourage me to pull everything out and reorganize. I can honestly say that I know where everything is in my house, down to the last finish nail. It's a good feeling.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I definitely love my routines. This past week has been no exception. I've been thinking a lot about how grateful I am to stay at home with my children. It is definitely a sacrifice, but I love it, even though it is stressful and boring all at the same time. :)

I've been feeling the baby kick a lot. I have started calling him by his name since we've had it picked out for a long time. Lewis Wade Head. Lewis kind of comes from two places: Lewis and Clark, and the cute little blond boy in Meet the Robinsons. Wade is a family name from my side. My dad and brother both have it for a middle name. It was actually the name of a slave who remained with the family (the Brinson branch on my paternal grandmother's side) after the Civil War, even though he could have left. I think it's such a cool story. Many men have used the middle name Wade since then.

Myles, Mara, and Carmel are coming into town today on their way back to BYU-I. It will be great to hang out with them tomorrow and go to the ward party. Of course that is a change from my normal weekly Thursday routine, but it is a welcome one. When siblings come to visit, it always feels like a party.

As for other goals, I have been working a lot on trying new recipes. I guess I've just been in the mood. I am really excited to publish a post soon about Asian food. I'm at the point where I can cook all my favorites at home, which makes me very happy. If I could only have one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Chinese. Add some ice cream in there (not that I need it!) and I'd be very happy.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

2 Jobs

This past week has been a bit stressful. James put in something like 16 hours with his second job. On top of his teaching job, that is a lot of time he isn't home. Over the past few days, I've seen him for about 1.5 hours each day. Tuesday night I had a mini breakdown because of the stress of him being gone. It didn't help that I had just been to a doctor's appointment where they claimed I gained 9 lbs. last month. Actually, it was 5, and it was over 5 weeks, and I got weighed in the afternoon, not morning like my last few appointments. The last thing I really want to worry about is how much I weigh, but it's hard to avoid the issue completely since I'm obviously going to put on weight constantly for the next 4.5 months. That is one of the many things I dislike about being pregnant. At least I have been sleeping well at night and napping again. I do feel pretty good overall.

When James is gone extra hours, I try to fill the time with meaningful things (not TV) so I can feel useful. I had a few failures that got me down. My grape jelly did not set up, and the new recipe I tried for dinner on Tuesday night was unpopular. I think I was the only one who liked it. I did have success with canning on Monday. I made my first ever batch of pickled green beans (aka dilly beans, though I didn't have any dill). I'm waiting a few weeks to see how we like them before I make more. The rest of the green beans are in the freezer.

My neighbors have been so generous with the produce. I have received lots of squash, cucumbers, and green beans. I love a big bowl of boiled squash with salt and pepper. It makes up for my pitiful garden. I still hope for some tomatoes, whether by donation or from my own plants, so I can make a batch of salsa. We are going though the salsa from last year really fast.

We have been looking at yard sales for a dresser for the baby, but no luck yet. If we don't find one by Christmas time, I think we might buy our first ever new dresser from IKEA to use for ourselves and give the baby our old dresser. Aside from buying a dresser - and diapers when the time comes - there is nothing I need to buy for this little guy. I can't wait till the time gets closer and I can actually set things up for him. I love looking at those tiny pajamas and wondering how a human can ever be that small.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Great Week

This past week has been the perfect amount of stress. I know that sounds silly, but when I don't have enough to do, I get bored and tend to eat a lot of junk food and feel sorry for myself. If I have too much to do, that isn't so great either. This week was neither of those things, so that's why it was great. I got everything done that I wanted to in the time that I wanted to. Examples follow.

1. Ultrasound. The lady at the hospital said I came in too early for the ultrasound because I was only 17 weeks, but then I measured at 18 weeks, so she was able to do it and my due date has supposedly moved up 6 days. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm sticking to my original due date, plus 3 days, so I won't be disappointed when this baby is also late. We are having a little boy! So far he seems healthy. It's funny how cute ultrasounds look even though they are black and white and somewhat alien. The kids and James went with me, and they thought the U/S was cool. Joseph and Katie really wanted another sister, but they have warmed up to the idea of another brother. I made a cake in the shape of a mustache for our FHE treat.

2. School schedule. I'm used to getting Joseph off to school before 8 now. It's not terrible at all. Since he is gone during the day, we started reading together before school. It is the perfect amount of time to allow for a good breakfast and getting ready - even brushing everyone's teeth, which is something I have been terrible at remembering before now. Oops. I've also been able to find things to fill my time when James is gone at his second job. One such thing was cleaning out a couple of neglected closets (Katie's, the boys'). I got a whole bunch of stuff for D.I. 90% of what I give to D.I. was given to me in the first place. I have generous neighbors and family, so I always end with more than I can use and have to pass some on. It always feels good to organize something.

3. Sleep. I slept very poorly for about 10 days, but after Monday, I have been able to sleep well again. I'm not sure what it was, maybe anxiety about the ultrasound? Maybe because I can't sleep on my belly anymore, which is my favorite position. I don't know.

4. Produce. My garden is a failure, as I said, but I received more produce from neighbors. I feel loved. I sure do love a big bowl of summer squash with salt and pepper.

5. Piano. I was worried that my finger being bent would affect my playing, but it hasn't. I can play again! I have really missed it. I bet I will get to sub in Primary again soon.

6. RS meeting. I always love going since I don't attend actual Relief Society. There is a meeting tonight!

7. Good books. I just finished reading the Lunar Chronicles (series of 4) and loved it. It's been a while since I read something so enjoyable.

I hope that coming weeks can be just as great.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


As I had hoped, this past week was somewhat uneventful.

1. Still recovering from the sunburn I got in NC, but it's dong a lot better. I've gone from extreme pain and swelling to just itchiness and peeling, not to mention a really terrible tan line.

2. Pulled out the garden. There was no point in watering a bunch of weeds, so I spent this week hoeing and raking them out. Our harvest this year was pathetic: a handful each of peas, hot pepper, potatoes, and tomatoes. Most of the things I planted never grew in the first place. I covered everything up with landscape fabric and just left the tomatoes. Hopefully I will get enough for one batch of salsa. A couple neighbors have already shared produce with us, so I am getting my squash fix.

3. James got a summer job! I think I mentioned already that he finished his geography endorsement. A couple of his friends work in mosquito abatement, and one of them hooked him up, basically. It's the perfect job because it's seasonal, pays pretty well, and is flexible when school is in session. It goes from April to October, so I think with training there will be a lot of days that I don't see James until 7 p.m.

4. James and Joseph started school! It was a little sad to send Joseph off this morning, but not as sad as Kindergarten. Katie really wanted to get on the bus, but I told her she has a few years (like 3) before that happens.

It's going to take some getting used to having the guys gone, but I think Katie and Kenny will end up getting along better. I also can't take naps anymore, so I really need to find some good books to read to fill my time. (I had just gotten comfortable with the idea of napping, and now I can't do it anymore. So lame!) Other than that, I have been feeling really good. Second trimester really is the best. Sometimes I even forget I'm pregnant. We find out the gender on Monday. So excited!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

NC Pt. 2

Friday was a pretty good day. I got all the documents filled out to give Christian the green Corolla. I also went with the girls to Kohl's to look for shirts. I didn't end up  getting one, but it was still fun to look around.

 The reception went well. We all got there early, even though the boys had set up everything earlier in the day. There was a beautiful, delicious cake and lots of other goodies. I think we all ate way too much. It was fun to see lots of people that I haven't seen in  several years. Everyone pretty much just hung out and talked. I like having such an informal event. My kids even behaved really well. The only mishap was Katie spilling punch on the floor. We took home lots of leftovers, but they are already gone, except for the cake in the freezer.

 Friday was a relaxing day. I did laundry while the boys went to a gun show. Uncle Claude came over and brought Papa John's pizza for lunch. I always forget how much I love that pizza until I eat it again. We do not have one in Vernal. I took a nap after lunch  and woke up in time to get ready for the Eagle Court of honor. We were a little frazzled getting out the door for that, but we all made it within 10 minutes of each other. Nash and Lars are now officially Eagles. We had even more cake to celebrate. Then we went home and ate a real dinner of reception leftovers. It was fun to have everyone together. We just hung out for the rest of the evening while the boys cleaned the guns.

 Sunday, my kids were very grumpy when we were getting them ready for church. Thankfully, James put a movie on for them so they would behave. I went downstairs and planned out the rest of my busy week and read scriptures. After church, we ate and relaxed.

 Monday was specially awesome. We went to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington. We left in the morning and returned at almost 8 PM. It was a lot of fun. The kids didn't complain even once because they were too caught up building sand castles and playing in the waves.  I fell asleep at one point and got badly sunburned on my legs. They are still swollen and hurt a lot to walk on. Overall though, it was a really great day at the beach. Mara, Colbey, and Carmel all went with us.

 Tuesday, we met Brinson and Ceci at the children's museum in Raleigh. The kids also had a blast there. It was a huge museum with tons of fun activities and things to explore and play with. Afterward, we went to Cookout for lunch. It is a really cheap but good local place to eat. James especially loves their hush puppies. That's one thing you don't see a lot of in Utah, unfortunately.  It was all I could do to walk around on my sore legs, but I made it.  We went to Brinson and Ceci's for dinner that night. Ceci made an excellent soup and tortas. We also watched a movie and said goodbye to Christian and Rachel, who came over to the apartment.

 Wednesday came to the real trial. We got up very early and caught our flight from Raleigh to Denver. We then finally got to our car and drove home. We got home around 5:30 PM, and I went directly to the grocery store because our house is empty. I could barely focus on what I was doing because of how tired I  was. I think I had gotten two hours of sleep in the previous 24. After getting home, I still had to unpack everything. James did an excellent job cleaning the car, though, so I was really grateful. I crashed when I finally went to bed.

 Today, I was lucky enough to drive to Salt Lake and back for an appointment with a hand surgeon. My mind has finally been put to rest about my hand. I got a clean bill of health. In one month, I can pick up heavy things too, but for right now my hand is still considered completely healed. That means no more appointments or occupational therapy. It also  means no more hand exercises. I couldn't be more glad, because it has taken up a lot of time and energy this summer. The drive home was long, but when I arrived, James had made dinner. It is so great to be home finally. We really did have a wonderful trip. I am also grateful to have this finger  working properly, or mostly. The top knuckle does not bend, but it does not impair my ability to do things.

 Tomorrow will be a busy day too, but in a different way. I have to register Joseph for school and get supplies. He starts one week from today, and I am completely unprepared. James starts on Tuesday. I am very glad to be back to my normal routine, or at least getting there. Hopefully the next post will be shorter because everything will be somewhat routine. Who knows? Maybe I will even have time for some projects during the rest of the year since we won't be traveling again until October. At least I am crossing my fingers.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

NC Pt. 1

Packing for the trip wasn't too bad. James and I both gave talks on Sunday. I think they went really well. One lady even called to tell me she thought I did a great job. That made my day.

We woke up early Monday morning and headed to Denver. It was a long drive, but we stopped at a dam for lunch and then went to see my old roommate Katey for the afternoon and dinner. It was absolutely wonderful to get a break from the car. It was my first time seeing her in probably 6 years, so I had never met her girls. The kids all played together pretty well. We had a yummy dinner and then headed to the Denver airport. Amazingly, we had no trouble with traffic or finding the shuttle parking. We got on the plan finally around 12:15 am. It was delayed about 30 minutes.

The actual flight was okay, but I got no sleep. The seats were really hard and didn't recline at all. The tray table was too small to put my head on either. It was a really long flight due to that, but we made it to RDU and to Apex around 7:30 am. We all crashed. I woke up by 11:30, but everyone else was out until 1 pm. It was great to finally get some sleep.

Tuesday, I ran some errands to print pictures and make copies of the big pedigree chart at Walmart and Office Max. Mara and Carmel went with me. I updated the scrapbook I made for my family a few years ago. We all went to the pool while dinner was cooking and then ate. After the kids went to bed, we watched part of a movie. I couldn't stay awake past midnight, so I went to bed. I did catch up on sleep though. I got a full 8 hours!

Wednesday, I woke up by 8 and worked on Christian's scrapbook for his wedding present. Then I showered and cleaned the fridge, then made fried rice for lunch and started tomato sauce and squash casserole. James joked that I must have been feeling sad about my lame garden, and he's totally right. Haha. I tried to take a nap, but no luck, so I relaxed as well as I could and then finished the casserole for dinner. We went to Costco after dinner to pick up a few things. Grandma arrived at about 12:30 am, so all but the kids were awake to greet her.

During the day, the kids have had tons of fun playing on the trampoline and with the different, fun toys that Grandma has in the living room. They love all their aunts and uncles and follow them around. I think the feeling is mutual.

I made some breakfast this morning and have just been hanging out so far. Today I plan to make bread. There are a lot of miacellaneous things to do before the reception tomorrow. We are all going to the temple tonight for sealings, so that should be fun. It's been very relaxing to be here so far, especially because we've all stayed on mountain time. It works really well for my night owl family.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Christian's Wedding Weekend

We left around 9:30 Friday morning for SLC. Our trip went without a hitch. We even stopped for lunch at Taco Bell. Joseph has been begging to go for such a long time. I don't know what to think about that, to tell the truth.

We met my parents, Brinson, Ceci, and Mara at the hotel and took the kids swimming while the guys all met up at the IMAX theater to see the new Star Trek movie. I admit that I was a little jealous. We had fun in the pool, though. Then I put Disney channel on while I relaxed with Mom. Dad drove Ceci and Mara to Rachel's aunt's house to do her nails.

Everyone met up for dinner at Chuck-a-Rama. I think everyone had their fill. Then James and I headed over to his cousin's house to spend the night. We all slept really well, which was surprising. I usually sleep terrible in a new place.

We woke up early the next morning to delicious pancakes and then sent the kids off with Anna to the Belcher reunion in Heber. We parked and got to the Salt Lake temple just in time. Christian and Rachel's wedding was beautiful. We took some pictures afterward and then headed to the luncheon. It was in a banquet room in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. so everything was really fancy and delicious. There was a short program, including a slideshow and song, and then we all headed to Vernal.

I managed to unpack while cooking dinner. We were all pretty wiped out. James and my siblings went shooting and explored a cave while I bathed the kids and put them to bed.

Dad and Myles left Sunday morning to drive home. The rest of us went to Church, took naps, and then had dinner and dessert. It was a pretty relaxing evening. James and my siblings played Uno while I talked to Mom. I was still too tired to really concentrate.

Everyone left Monday morning, and I worked all day on putting the house back together and doing 6 loads of laundry. I normally do 4 in a week, but the sheets and towels really add up. Joseph was sick too, and he peed in my bed, so that added to it. I was completely exhausted by the time we went to bed that night.

I had appointments every morning this week, 2 for OT, 1 OB, and 1 with the orthopedic surgeon. All of them went well. I am most excited for the fact that my ultrasound is scheduled for the end of August! I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy. I think that's the most exciting part of the pregnancy except for the end. :) I'm trying to set up an appointment with the hand surgeon in SLC to see if there is anything they can do about my tendons being stuck together. It's not a big deal. My top knuckle doesn't bend, but the middle one works just fine. The hand surgeon may be able to fix it, but I have limited time to schedule an appointment since we will be gone for almost the first half of August and school starts on the 16th for James. I'm not ready to think about school yet, but I'm very ready for my schedule to calm down. I will have to do a statistical report of this summer because it's been insane.

Today we had the last library activity, which was a big carnival with lots of free food: hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. The kids loved it, and they got to pick out their free books.

I also have a piano lesson and Relief Society meeting today (actually, a clothing swap). The rest of the week will consist of cleaning up the yard, scrubbing out the disgusting car to get it ready for out next trip, and laundry and packing on Saturday so I don't have to do it on Sunday. I have a talk and Primary lesson on Sunday, and hopefully I will get some rest before we head to Denver to fly to NC on Monday night. My next post will be written from NC! We have tons of fun things planned. I hope I don't die of either exhaustion or anxiety by then.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


It's been quite the week. I got up Thursday morning to the news that my great-grandma had died. She was 105, so she lived a very long life, but it was still pretty sad (even though not totally unexpected.) We left last Thursday for Rexburg and made a couple of stops: first to Smith & Edwards, where James got his fix on military surplus, and then to my old college roommate Tanisha's house. She gave me a couple of bags of clothes to look through, and I found a lot of cute things. I'm really glad to be replacing some of the skirts I've had since high school! They were really due! We had a really nice Thai dinner of curry and pad Thai. Delicious. I'm so grateful for Tanisha's family for teaching me to cook Thai. We arrived in Rexburg late.

Friday, we started our LOTR-themed reunion with everyone in the Rex Head family. I just got to meet my newest niece, Lizzy (Elizabeth). She is totally adorable. It makes me happy that I'll have a baby that age next summer. Nervous too, I'll admit, because it's been a while. Anyway, we had fun little snacks/meals just like hobbits, tracker games outside (sardines, scavenger hunt), and then got ready for Grandma and Grandpa Head's house. I took a nap while everyone went out in the canoes. They had a great time, I'm sure. We had a cookout dinner and then drove back to Rexburg.

Saturday, we did some chores and the kids took Rocky rides. I got some reading done on a book for book group, which happened the following Tuesday. After lunch and naps, we went to the Lees' for another cookout. It was a lot of fun. The kids always love running around outside on the lawn and taking rides in the wagon, pulled by the riding lawnmower. After we got back, James went to a wedding reception while I put the kids to bed and gave them a bath. They were filthy from the fun week.

Sunday, we got up early to take family pictures. We got some really good ones outside the Rexburg temple. (Where our eternal family started!) After church, we had lunch and naps again, and then the Rammells came over for a Swedish pancake dinner. My favorite topping is still strawberries with Nutella, not so healthy, but totally delicious. Anna and Angie had to leave after dinner, so that was really sad.

Monday, I cleaned the fridge and prepped for dinner before everyone else woke up. (I still wake up around 6-6:30 most days.) We went to Bear World with the kids, had lunch and naps, and then I finished making dinner. Christian, Myles, and Rachel came over for dinner and FHE afterward. We had treats outside since the house was really hot from all the cooking. Kenny started running a fever.

Tuesday, I got the laundry done and James went shooting in the morning with my brothers. I also went to the gym with Melodie and then to book group in Idaho Falls and shopping at Ross. I felt really awful by the time we got home, so I took a nap for an hour even though it was already 4:00. I woke up feeling worse, but eating dinner helped a little. The combination of too much junk food, heat, and fatigue, plus the beginnings of a cold, were not so good. Oh, and heartburn too. Pregnancy is not very fun sometimes. We did get to watch a fun movie called Stranger than Fiction.

Wednesday, I woke up with a cough. No surprise there, but it was still annoying. I made the cake for Christian and Myles's graduation, a devil's food. Everyone loves chocolate, pretty much. :) We met up with Christian, Myles, Rachel, Mom, Dad, and Mara to go to Big Jud's for lunch. We all got 2 doubles, which came with 4 big containers of fries (well, we subbed 2 for tots) and 8 sodas. We were all stuffed and stayed pretty full till dinner. I took a nap when we got back and figured out a plan for the rest of the day. I didn't wake up until 4:35, so I had 10 minutes to get ready and eat dinner. We met up with everyone and attended Commencement first. The speakers were pretty good. I still can't believe how huge the I-Center is. We then went to the Hart for the Convocation and got a few treats at the reception along the way. My enthusiasm waned quickly as I had to sit on a hard, wooden bench with no back or room to cross my less, but I made it. We got home around 9:30 and had cake and hung out. It was nice to hear Mara talk about her mission a little bit more too.

So, it's Thursday, and I think today's plans are pretty low-key. James is off to Blackfoot to work with Rex. That will be great to add a little money to our bank account. I will be here with the kids and Sam and Jesse (I think). I have to prepare a Primary lesson, and I know I will need another nap at some point, but I think overall it will be a relaxing day. Tonight, Kenneth (who Kenny is named after) and another friend of James and Sam's are coming over to do s'mores. Whew! :) Then it's off to Salt Lake tomorrow to start the wedding festivities, but that will get a post of its own.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Week of (Relative) Calm

It's been a nice week to catch up and relax a little bit. The thing I always forget that makes visitors stressful is not having time with just James. Usually, I get a couple of hours after the kids are in bed to just relax with him. I really miss that when we are traveling or hosting, and it really wears on me mentally. I really am an introvert.

Saturday, James went to one of the area's many reservoirs with his friend Devin. They came over in the afternoon with 5 lbs. of crawfish. I looked up a recipe for a "boil" with Cajun seasoning, corn, potatoes, and sausage. We enjoyed it a lot. Devin's wife and her parents came, so we also got to try some fresh ceviche, which was divine. (I know, raw fish and all, but I couldn't resist.) We spoke Spanish for about half of the time since the parents are from Mexico and don't speak English. It was good practice. I am definitely rusty.

Sunday, I was feeling bummed about teaching Primary. I have had a Primary calling now since Feb. 2014, so my attendance in Relief Society went from sporadic when I was doing music to non-existent when I became a teacher. I was really wishing for some adult interaction. Lo and behold, there was a teacher council during Sharing Time, so I actually did get to interact with other adults. Also, after class was over, one of the kids told me I was the best teacher ever. I really needed that.

I've been a little stressed about my finger still not working quite right, but I still have 6 weeks to go on recovery. It seems like it's been forever. I looked up the claims for the surgery. Since the doctor who did it is out of network, we will end up having to pay a lot more than we originally thought. Bummer, but medical stuff is always more expensive than I think it will be. I should start estimating by making a guess on how much it will be, then multiply that by ten. Haha. Then I might not be so disappointed.

James is taking the Praxis today. It's the last step, aside from finishing his online class, to get his geography endorsement. It moves him over a lane on pay too, which is great. We're going to need it. (Why is life so expensive?)

As for the rest of the week (or summer, really), it will go something like this:

leave Thu. Jul. 14th for Rexburg
home again Sat. Jul. 23rd after reunion, graduation, wedding
guests until Monday, Jul. 25th (my family)
1 WEEK home!
leave Mon., Aug. 1st for NC
come back Wed., Aug. 10th
9 DAYS at home (School starts in there somewhere too.)
college kids visit for 2 weeks

...which takes us to September. I hope I can keep up with my naps during this time. I'm tired already just thinking about it all, but I know it will be lots of fun.

Friday, July 8, 2016

100 Books (Why I Hate Most Classics)

I started an ambitious list earlier this year - one of those "100 Books to Read Before You Die" kind of things. I thought it would be good for me to look outside my normal fantasy/young adult genre and get some culture.


First off, my library didn't have 25 of the 100 listed books. How could they be that important if the library (which is not a small one) doesn't consider them important enough? I hadn't heard of any of them, so I figured I wouldn't worry about not getting to 25% of the list. I'm glad I didn't worry.

Of the 75 books I attempted to read, 14 I couldn't get into at all for various reasons. They were either incredibly vulgar, extremely boring, or written in such a way (like stream of consciousness) that I couldn't follow for more than a few pages. These are the books that got 1 star.

23 additional books got 2 stars. Many of these showed promise as far as the story line went, but I still could not continue reading them - for various reasons. Some started off really interesting but took a turn for the worse in terms of immoral plot themes. I finished a few of these because I was forced to in high school, but I hated them (too depressing, usually) and would never read them again.

I gave 3 stars to 20 books. I finished all of these but didn't like any of them enough to read them again. They were okay.

I gave 4 stars to 15 books. I liked these well enough to read once and maybe read again. Maybe.

I gave 5 stars to only 3 books. I would read these again without a question.

Basically, most classics are terrible and just like those horrible books they made us read in high school. Maybe I am being too picky, but I don't think it's unreasonable to have a book with good morals that is also interesting. I was shocked at how many awful themes I ran into in these books - things I don't want to read about or know about (such as incest, pedophilia, etc.) I don't think reading about evil makes me a better person.

In the future, I think I'll stick to books I know I'll like. :)

Here is my goodreads list of the ratings.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July

After the Heads left, we had 1 day to get ready for the Phenixes. Christian, Myles, and Rachel arrived around 10:30 Friday night. We stayed up talking till late, of course.

Saturday, we went to a temple session. It was only Rachel's second time! She just went with her parents and Christian the week before. We got some junk food at the grocery store, came home for lunch, and then took naps while James and Myles went shooting. For dinner, we went to the park by the river and had foil dinners. They took a little long to get started, but they tasted delicious.

Sunday was church and then naps again after lunch. I now have CTR 6 and CTR 7 because of how many poeple have moved out of the ward. I still only had 2 kids there. Lots of people have been out of town. We talked to Mara and the rest of the fam later in the evening. It was my first time talking to her since her mission.

Monday, we went to the parade after my OT appointment. It was long, and there was barely any candy, so basically really disappointing. I ran to the store right after that because we ran out of ketchup (total bummer!) but also came back with candy to make up for the lame parade. We went shooting after lunch. It was my first time shooting a handgun, and I was surprised at how it felt. I also shot Myles's powerful gun (the mauser) and got kicked in the arm a little bit. My family has quite the arsenal.

We did hamburgers for dinner and then fireworks. Overall, it was a tiring, but really fun 4th of July weekend. Yesterday and today have been catch-up days with mundane things like scrubbing the kitchen, putting bedrooms back together, and laundry. Tomorrow brings OT again and another library activity and piano lesson. These summer weeks are going by way too fast!

In baby news, I definitely have a bump now. It looks more like a gut. I still haven't put on much weight, maybe 4 lbs., so I know it's a real bump and not just me being fat. However,  I did feast a bit over the past week. Who wouldn't? :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Heads Visit

James's mom, brother Joseph and Jacob, and sister Anna came to visit. Anna was here only until Monday, but everyone else arrived Friday and left Thursday.

We had a good dinner on Friday night, and then Melodie with shopping with me and helped me get the Bountiful Basket. After we came home, we put everything away and played a game.

Saturday, everyone went yard sale-ing and met up with Anna, who drove in from SLC. We had lunch and then hung out. After dinner, we had Anna's birthday cake and presents. It was delicious. We then watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Though gory, it is surprisingly clever and entertaining.

Sunday, we had church, lunch, and then family talk time. Rex is in Ecuador and Sam in Ohio with his family, so we talked to them. My family is in Mexico picking up Mara, so we did not talk to them. I can't believe it's been a year and a half already! We played a game of Ticket to Ride. I lost.

Monday, we went to D.I. to have a look around. After lunch, I had appointments for OT and with the orthopedic surgeon. They both went well. The appointment with the ortho was a lot better than last time. Last time, I considered never going back. Luckily, I don't have an appointment for another month. Anna had to leave a bit before dinner, which was sad. Everyone went to Steinaker while I relaxed and made dinner. It was really nice to have a little time to myself. After dinner, we watched Johnny English, a hilariously dumb movie that I have seen a few times. It still makes me laugh.

Tuesday, we took a day trip to Harper's Corner in Colorado. It's part of Dinosaur National Monument that we hadn't seen. We saw the small visitor's center, many wonderful overlooks, and had a picnic lunch. Overall, it took from 9:15 to about 2:45, so it was the perfect length. A lot of stuff was wheelchair accessible, which is great for Jacob.

Wednesday, Melodie and I went to the temple for the 7:30 session. Then I went with James to  a lunch date for our anniversary. Then I took a nap! It was my first one since Saturday. so it was much needed. We ended up cooking at home while I rested on the couch. The pizza I'd eaten for lunch did not settle well, even with lactase pills. (It did taste great, though!) I helped Melodie clean pictures and videos off her phone, which freed up something like 6.5 GB.

Thursday, I went to OT at 9 and then we all went to the library summer activity afterward. The boys had a great time. They always love the library stuff. Everyone had to leave after that, which was very sad. We had such a fun week, and it went by way too fast! We have just enough time to wash everything before Christian, Rachel, and Myles arrive for the 4th of July weekend tomorrow. Can't wait!

I also have my 3rd piano lesson that I'm teaching today. They have been going well, I think. I even woke up to the house still being clean after my nap. It's been a good day, but everyone is really sad that Grandma left.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I'm still learning to roll with this pregnancy tiredness. Overall, I am very grateful that I only need a little siesta (1-2 hours), but the rest of the day I'm fine and don't have to lie on the couch like I did with Katie. (That pregnancy fatigue was killer.) I go to bed around a normal time. Earlier than that, it's actually too darn hot. We open the windows at night,  but it's not really cool enough to do that until 10:00 these days. Most days I wake up at 6, so today I actually got out of bed and worked in the garden pulling weeds for an hour. I have another hour or two to go before the lawn is weed-free again. I wish I could keep up. Getting up at 6 instead of lying in bed might actually work. It's wonderfully cool at that time of morning, and being outside in the dirt puts me in a good mood.

Saturday, we went to SLC for Rachel's bridal shower. I had a great time meeting her family. I gave her a few recipes and baking ingredients. James went to hang out with Anna, so they all went swimming while I was at the shower. After they picked me up, we went to the Bean museum (natural history) in Provo and then to Bridal Veil falls. It was a long day, but we had fun and made it home safely.

I had some form of appt. every morning this week M-Th. Mon. and Thu. (tomorrow), occupational therapy; Tues., checkups for the boys; and Wed. (today), I had my first OB appointment. It went really well. They couldn't hear the baby yet, but he did an ultrasound, so I got to see the little bean and its heartbeat. Now it seems real!

We went on a very long adventure on Mon. to Sheep Creek (up in Daggett County). It was amazing, and we saw lots of cool geological formations. Every time I think I've seen it all, I see new things and am amazed by the beautiful place I live in. We cooked lunch over the fire and then drove back via Red Cloud Loop. It was very long. We didn't get back till 4, so I didn't get a nap and had a headache the rest of the day.

Speaking of headaches, that was the very first one I had the whole pregnancy, and I know it's because I ate a hotdog. I have actually had a very strong aversion to meat, even chicken, so I have eaten it only a handful of times and avoid it whenever possible. It doesn't smell or taste good anymore. The same is true for oil/butter. If I eat more than the tiniest amount (like a drizzle in a big dish of something), I get terrible reflux. Those two things have helped me stay pretty healthy so far, only gaining 1-2 pounds during the past 8 weeks. Normally, I've put on more like 5 by now. The extent of my nausea is that sometimes nothing sounds good except for one certain thing, but it's usually something simple like rice, broccoli, or potatoes. When I have a healthy craving, I make sure to embrace it. :)

James has been working on classes, studying for the Praxis, and fishing with his new spear that I got him for Father's Day. Summer is great.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


We had a really good time at the fair last Thurs. and Fri., but Sat., Sun., and Mon., we had sick kids of the throwing up sort. I caught it myself on Tues. and spent all of Wed. in bed. I think the worst part about being sick is just how boring it is. Well, I don't much like not being able to eat either. I haven't yet today because I am afraid to, but I do feel quite a bit better than I did yesterday. I even got caught up on cleaning and cooking. I guess my standards are a little OCD, but I am at least happy now with the state of cleanliness of my house. James cleaned up the majority of the puke, for which I am grateful.

So, the fair. Favorite activities included the candy drop, book pond, building with Legoes, seeing the Scales and Tails show, and going through the Little Red Barn. The kids get to pretend to be farmers, and they absolutely love it. It doesn't hurt that they got a free treat at the end.

Aside from playing catch up today, I have my first piano lesson during which I will be the teacher. I am a little nervous because I have no idea what I'm really doing, but I'm sure it will work out fine once I get things figured out. We also have the weekly library activity, which the kids love going to. There are always snacks and fun activities.

As for my finger, OT is going well. I may go a little crazy from having to go 3X a week. It's not so bad actually being there, but it is quite a time commitment. I can now eat and write with my left hand (hurray!), and the finger is making lots of progress in its flexibility. I got the stitches out on Monday from the orthopedic surgeon in Vernal. I was actually not impressed with him or his office. He seemed to disagree with everything I've done so far, criticized the exercises as being too extreme, and said he wouldn't have done the surgery; he would have referred me to a hand surgeon. Thanks, dude. That was really helpful advice. If he treats me as stupid as he did at that appointment when I see him again, I think I will not go see him again. I'm not going to put up with his disagreeable attitude, especially since he isn't the one who did my surgery.

It should be a much better weekend than week since everyone is well now. Thank goodness!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lowering My Standards

I don't mean in the moral sense. For me right now, I have to face the fact that I can't accomplish in a day what I could 2 months ago. It is quite a change to need 9 hours of sleep instead of 7-7 1/2 and only have 1 1/2 hands. My weeks are going to be something like this:

working out 3X (not 5, because I am way too tired)
yard work 1 hour per week instead of 1 hour per day, and James will do all the mowing from now on
reading to the kids (no change there, since it doesn't require much energy)
occupational therapy 3X a week
piano - none, but I may still start lessons since they start out right-handed
cleaning - normal, but James has to wash the big dishes
dinner prep - James has to do most of the chopping, but I can manage stirring.
nap - every day from 1-3. I tend to wake up early with the sunshine but go to bed late (11ish), so it is needed! I never need naps when not pregnant.
crafty stuff - none, but I finished those 4 rugs before hurting my hand, thankfully. Eventually I'll get around to cutting up some quilt squares, but I don't even have a big pile to do yet.

Basically, I can get the basics done but nothing beyond that. Since I worked hard to be really productive during the last 6 months, I almost feel justified sitting around a lot more. Almost.

On an unrelated note, it appears that Katie's eczema is gone. I did nothing except apply colloidal oatmeal lotion all winter. By spring, it just disappeared. Not even her weekly bath seems to bring it back. I guess she just had normal, really dry skin. It's nice that it's gone. Right now the challenge is her long hair. I am not good at doing hair with 1 hand, so she's probably going to have her hair down all summer. Oh well.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Was Wrong

This last week has been a little crazy. Last Saturday I helped my friend Cherissa move a little bit, actually more like cleaning so she can move in these next few days. Didn't feel very useful because of my fingers taped together. Also, I have been pretty tired because I am now almost 6 weeks  pregnant! I am due around 1 February. When I put it that way, it seems like ages from now. I have been getting by with a 20 minute power nap each day.  I am starting to feel a little bit of nausea, but as long as I stick to starchy things and not greasy things, I actually feel pretty decent and have a good amount of energy, much more than I did at this stage with my third pregnancy.

I don't remember what else we did on Saturday. On Monday, we left for Rexburg. It went smoothly until Idaho Falls, and we had to stop to fix a flat tire. We were a little bit late to celebrate Joseph's sixth birthday, but it was still fun. Christian and Myles and Rachel came over, and Rachel even took some pictures of my kids. They turned out really cute.

Tuesday is when the real fun started. Rex called the doctor in Rexburg to see about an appointment for my finger, because he thought I had severed my flexor tendon. I waited for several hours, but I saw the doctor in Rexburg about it, and he signed me up for surgery the following day, Wednesday. Wednesday was absolutely  miserable. I couldn't eat all day, and surgery didn't happen until almost 4 PM. Because of my pregnancy, I had to be awake for the surgery. It was really weird to have my hand being cut open while I was awake, but I made it  through because I talked to the anesthesiologist the whole time. They were probably a little tired of me by the end. Recovery was OK. Mostly I was just very hungry. I was able to go home within an hour of getting out of surgery.

The next day we left for Albion, Idaho, for the family reunion. It has been fun so far, but very tiring. On Thursday,  we had family dinner together and gathered around the campfire later in the evening. Friday, we had breakfast, a workout, and then got boats ready for the rain gutter regalia. We had lunch and the annual auction. We won a couple of things: a princess blanket for Katie,  a bag of Legos, and a random binder. There were singing, the talent show, and poems after dinner. Our kids were really worn out and went to bed a little easier than they did on Thursday night. Katie is still a terrible roommate to her brothers. She sings very loudly for at least half an hour before going to  sleep, even when she is very tired.

The kids were kind enough to sleep in a little bit this morning. I feel like I finally got enough rest. I wasn't able to take a nap right now, hence the blog post. We had the rain gutter regalia this morning, and then lunch. I did about half of a workout before breakfast, but the pancakes were calling my name really loudly. It is been a bit of a challenge to only have one hand,  since my left hand is all wrapped up in a splint. However, I will get the split off on Monday and start physical therapy, which I will have to do for three months. The part I'm scared about is getting the medical bills for all of this. Right now it is afternoon and everyone except Katie and me, plus a few stragglers, went to a place called Steadman's. Since I can't  swim or shower without wrapping up my hand, I felt it would be best to stay here and let my tired girl take a nap. She loves her new princess blankie.

 It has been great to see the family, but I am ready to go home tomorrow, as I always am by Sunday morning. I like that James's family is so close-knit. Mine never has been because of the great distance between the places they live. It's too bad, really, because reunions are really fun, even though they can be quite stressful.  I still can't believe I'll have 4 kids by this time next year. :) That will be an adventure on its own.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garden Time, End of School

I had been feeling a little down on Monday because of my finger, which still won't bend. I went to community care, but all they did was refer me to an orthopedic surgeon and wrapped up my finger. It really didn't feel good wrapped up like that, so I went back to buddy taping it with my ring finger and have since felt no pain. When I got home from the appointment, James and the boys had weeded the garden for me! That really made me happy. appointment for my finger isn't until June 13th, the soonest date available. I hope it heals by then. I don't think I tore the tendon, so it should be able to heal but will take a long time, up to 12 weeks according to the internet. That leaves another 10 weeks. which means I might not have a working finger until August. Fail. At least I can still use my hand, even if it's a little awkward.

I got out and planted the garden on Tuesday. It took 3 hours to finish the weeding and get everything in, but it felt really good to be out in the sunshine and dirt. I sorted through all the sprinklers and hoses yesterday and got everything set up for watering both the front yard and the garden. Now all we need is a new timer for when we go out of town. Today, I finished some more weeding. It really never ends. I need to work in the yard about 3 hours a week to keep the weeds under control and get the mowing and sweeping done. I really love it, though. I'm getting a good tan again. I always work in the morning between 9 and 11 when it isn't so hot.

Today is Joseph's last day of school! He's been looking forward to it for a long time because I am bringing treats for his birthday, which falls on Monday. I am also going to the program they are putting on. He's been talking about it for several weeks. Anyway, I'm sure it will be fun. James has his last day tomorrow, and then Monday we leave for Rexburg/Albion. Let the summer begin!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


My hands have had the worst luck in the past month.

1. Slammed my thumb in the car door. There is still a hole in my fingernail from where James poked it to relieve the pressure. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it has a weird white spot.

2. Cut myself deep enough for stitches on my pinky finger. It is mostly healed. I wore a bandage for a week because it really hurt. (And no, I never did go get stitches. I would have if it had been one of my children.)

3. Strained that same pinky finger while picking up a heavy bucket. I now have it wrapped up with tape with the ring finger next to it. It will only bend at the first knuckle, but that's an improvement over not bending at all.

I hope this bad luck streak ends. It's really hard to do anything with an injured dominant hand, especially using a knife or pen. Oh well. At least I can still type!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Articles of Faith #13

 13 We believe in being honest, true, chastebenevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuouslovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

  The world today is filled with many terrible things. That is no excuse to participate in them. It takes considerable effort to find things that are lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, but the effort is always worth it. 

 Honesty is not often practiced today, but I think it is more important now than ever. The same is true for chastity.  So much heartbreak would not have happened if more people were willing to be chaste.  I wish more people in the world practiced kindness to everyone. I have seen many people claim to be kind, but then I see the rude comments they post on news articles. I see kindness as being kind even when you are anonymous. 

 There is always  good to be found in others. I believe in giving others the benefit of the doubt, even if it ends up hurting me in someway. I have never regretted thinking the best of others, forgiving quickly, and trying to be friends with everyone. 

 I believe my life is happier because of trying to see the good in everyone and everything. It certainly never hurts.