Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things I Just Don't Get

1. Competition. Someone always ends up feeling like a loser. In P.E., that was always me. Out of 3 classes, I'd always be the next to last to finish the mile. I could tell lots of embarrassing stories about P.E., but I think I'll spare myself the humiliation.

2. Reality TV. James jokes that I'll have my own cooking show one day. I doubt it. I hate being the center of attention. I don't like the fact that even cooking shows on TV are competitive, and the criticism is just cruel at times.

3. Why do some people think it's cool to be weird? I don't mean just a little bit, I mean too weird to function around most people. Um, if you don't get along with 99% of people, shouldn't you change instead of spending your whole life defending your weirdness?

4. Why do some people think it's cool to avoid everything popular? Just because it's popular, it doesn't mean that it's not of value. Not to say that I like everything that's popular, but I wouldn't say that I'm "proud" of the things that I dislike.

5. Running. I love to exercise...usually...but I can't see why running is so great. I was forced to do it for a semester and learned to tolerate it, but I never got a wonderful feeling out of it, even though I tried. And by the end of the semester, I was still slow!

6. PB & J. First off, I don't understand why most jams have more sugar than fruit. Also, who decided to combine the two? As tasty as they are, aren't they more of a dessert? I'd rather eat Nutella and just call it a snack.

How about you? What's something that just don't get?

Traditions, Traditions

I love traditions.

Before having my own family, I had no idea how much traditions are the life and soul of a family. There are  spiritual traditions that we've been commanded to have, like prayer and scriptures, but there's still a ton of leeway in how we can get those things done. Most of our traditions have to do with food, but I think I'll share them. (Though for anyone who knows me, it shouldn't surprise you that our traditions revolve around food!)

Valentine's Day: going to a dance
Anniversary (coming up this weekend!): eating the breakfast buffet at JB's
Halloween: dinner in a pumpkin
Christmas Eve: clam chowder in bread bowls
New Year's Day: black-eyed peas

I guess if you think about it, traditions have to do with nourishment. Whether spiritually or physically, they nourish a family. Once we have more (older) kids, I look forward to establishing even more traditions!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've often wondered about the meaning of success. For my life to have been successful, this is what I want to do/have (in no particular order) by the time I die...

1. Really good health. Basically, I'll eat my vegetables so I don't become one.

2. Raise happy kids. When they leave home, I hope that it's a place that they'll miss.

3. Be a good wife and homemaker.

4. Live the Gospel to the best of my ability and teach my kids by my example.

5. Develop as many talents as I have time for, and use them to bless others. I've learned the hard way that talents left unshared really do get "buried".

I think that the world's definition of success is nice, but so much less fulfilling than what I've been sent here for.  I'm grateful that the Lord has taken care of our family in so many ways.

Families are forever!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I survived playing the piano in Sacrament meeting for the Primary children's song! They were so quiet when they sang that I could barely hear them!

As I've said on FB, we will be moving for James's student teaching at the end of the year/early January. It makes me feel so sad. I thought we'd be here for a year and a half and not have to move at Christmas time for the 3rd year in a row, but I think that the Lord has other plans for us. I just wish that I knew what exactly those plans were. :) Then again, I never thought I'd live here either, but it's been such a great blessing.

Fathers are so wonderful. I never realized how important they are until I saw children who'd grown up without fathers. It's not enough to just feed, clothe, and nurture a child. Families need patriarchs to lead and guide their spiritual well-being.

I've always known that my dad has a testimony. I remember discussing scripture mastery cards before school as early as 2nd grade. I remember that he took the opportunity to teach us small lessons here and there about the Gospel, always using tough questions to make us think. Bedtime stories were almost always mission stories or scripture stories, and Dad knew every story ever written in the scriptures. Many times still, I am astounded by how little members of the Church know about these stories, simply because they've only read the children's book versions of the Bible.

Dad taught us how to work together. We got to help with the garden every year. I still think that there's nothing better than gathering bags full of produce from the garden, then bringing it in for Mom to cook and can. I can't wait to have my own huge garden one day.

Dad is also known for his sense of humor. I don't think it's necessary to explain that, because I think I inherited it. Needless to say, I love to be in a room of Phenixes. Humor make life so much more enjoyable.

Dad got me into family history through his mom. He still reminds me to keep going on that when I get really bored with it. I don't tend to think of it as a big accomplishment, but Dad gets the pretty charts ready and reminds me that the fruits of my labors are very much worth it.

At least until I was 11, Dad knew everything. Then, he started telling me to look it up. I still do. I'm grateful for that iPhone for when I don't have the computer at home. I love to learn about random things. I hope that my kids will think that I know everything...at least until they're 11.

My dad is an inspiration to me. I am so glad that he's my dad. :)

I'm also grateful for my Heavenly Father, and, of course, James. James is an excellent dad to our excellent little boy. I'm pretty glad that I found him...or he found me. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forgetting It

It's all too easy to forget.

I forget constantly that I actually have a wonderful baby. The days speed by much faster than I'd like. Sometimes it feels like I'll turn around and see a grownup man looking back at me. There are days that I wish he'd "just grow up", but for the most part, I really enjoy him as a baby.

Children and adults aren't really that different. They need the same things to thrive. Adults just have more complicated ways of obtaining and dealing with those needs. A RS class emphasized the need for physical touch. Children who don't get it don't thrive.

I assume that it's a good sign for Joseph to demand so much affection from me. He knows that he'll get it, as long as he makes his needs known! I must confess that I miss nursing him for that reason. We had plenty of snuggle time built right in to our schedule. Now, I have to make time for it. My first reaction to his fussing for attention is to want to withdraw or hand him to someone else. I'm sure glad that Heavenly Father isn't like that! He never pushes us away, even though we probably complain way too much about things that aren't that important. Oh, to be a perfect parent. I'm working on that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Le Weekend

(Yes, that IS actually how you say it in French!)

I had a great time this weekend. Well, weekends usually are pretty great anyway, but this one had some very awesome moments.

1. Got a "big boy" car seat for Joseph for only 15 bucks! It's in great shape and looks super comfy.

2. Learned how to make gorditas/tortillas and do some more knitting, thanks to my awesome friend Cindy.

3. Had a cookout on the river. I never get tired of s'mores. After all, you can't just eat "some"...

4. Haven't died yet at playing the piano in Primary. It's still nerve-wracking and definitely will be next week when we sing for Father's Day, but the songs aren't as hard as I thought originally. :)

5. Got caught up on sleep!

I think it's going to be a great week.

Farmer James's Wife Week

Everyone is out of town in this house, except for my little family and Sam. (Poor guy! He's going to be lonely!) It's oddly quiet downstairs. I'm also lucky enough to get to do the chores with the animals.

My chores this week:

feed the dogs and cat 2X a day
feed the baby goat 3X a day
water the garden
gather eggs and feed the chickens 2X a day
wash the eggs

It should be a blast! We definitely won't run out of eggs!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Perfect Summer Day

Summer is finally here in Rexburg...sort of. Summer here is more of an event to be celebrated rather than the full-blown season (though there is still plenty of blowing going on!).

My perfect summer day would go something like this...

The weather? About 80 degrees, little humidity and partly cloudy with a light breeze. I'd wake up nice and late and head to the beach with the family. I'd find great parking (for free!) and enjoy the day by getting sunburned and sandy. Before leaving, I'd be lucky enough to get a warm shower! And somehow, I would manage to get all the sand off of my feet before getting back in the car (because is there really a grosser feeling than that?)

We'd keep our tradition by getting a few dozen hot Krispy Kremes. Then, I'd spend the evening relaxing outside on the front porch swing, sipping some lemonade and just hanging out. It would still be reasonably warm, so I would NOT need a jacket! (Dang Idaho desert.) If it cooled off enough, maybe we'd make some s'mores and have a campfire.

But I live in Idaho. There is no beach, no air conditioning on the few hot days, and no chance of getting a hot Krispy Kreme. When the end of July comes, then NC, here we come!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I love inexpensive dates. James and I went mini golfing, which we are both terrible at. I don't know what my final score was. Since we are both have about half of the ability of an average mini golfer, I think it's good that we got buy one get one free. :)

We then got buy one get one free ice creams (well, yogurt) at Millhollow. I don't know why I didn't get the smallest size! It was tough for me to eat the whole 8 oz. cup when I'm used to about half of that. Either way, I love frozen yogurt, though I'd say that regular, good quality ice cream is my favorite (take that, custard fans!).

And then...we found the haunted swingset! I was surprised at how creepy it actually was. Rexburg feels like the middle of nowhere, but drive 5 miles out on Poleline Rd., and you can't even see the town anymore! Yeah. We would have stayed longer, but I was cold. Go figure.

I transplanted some tomatoes into our other half of the garden. Gardening has been pretty easy, since I didn't do any of the setting up of the beds. We've enjoyed as many green onions as we can possibly eat. The carrots are slowly growing, and now we will have cherry tomatoes (though they technically are the family's plants, so we will just have a few.)

Summer is finally here! I have to admit, I'd really love to live in the South again when James goes to grad school. The nights here are just cold in the summer, which work fine, but it's hard to think that it's a nice summer evening when I'm freezing my behind off. I sort of resent having to wear a jacket when going out at night. It just doesn't seem right. I'd really love a place with a nice, LONG growing season, not the 3 months we get...if we're lucky. But I guess we'll see!

Lucky me, I get to play the piano in Primary till mid-August. I will have to put my nose to the grindstone, because we will be doing 3-4 new songs every week! That's a little bit intense, but it's been going well so far. I just have to practice, practice, practice!

Joseph's sleep re-training took only one, horrible night. Phew! It was terrible that he cried for 2 hours, but I didn't give in and get him a bottle. Since then, he's been sleeping all night again. I'm such a wimp when it comes to missing out on sleep. I like my sleep. And an 8 hour block is SO nice. :)

I still can't believe that I technically have a toddler! Time flies.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things (Just for Fun!)

Joseph's baby shampoo
Freshly baked bread
Just-mown grass
Clean laundry, fresh from the dryer
Dinner, no matter what it is!

Isaiah 53

Almost anything, as long as it's homemade!

Christmas and birthdays


Fantasy (especially HP!)

Learning exciting new things

I guess that's pretty much my Facebook profile! :)