Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Break Pt. 2, Canning

Friday was a pretty fun day. James and I went on a date to Da Pineapple Grill, a restaurant that's been around forever in Rexburg but I'd never been to. We had a yummy lunch! Then we walked around campus to look at the art and got a few groceries for Melodie. I helped make cookies and two kinds of dips for Aunt Ruth's party. We were slightly late to the party, but it was really fun and everyone looked great all dressed up. The theme was Day of the Dead. I ate too much, but it was delicious.

Saturday, James worked with his dad all day in Twin Falls. Melodie was gone in the morning, so I just did laundry and cleaned a little. I've realized that doing laundry while on a trip is a good thing. It means less for when I get home, and I still haven't done any this week. Grandma and Grandpa Lee came over for dinner, so it was fun to see them. We then went to a little play called October Witches. It was a little over the kids' heads, but I enjoyed it.

Church was really good on Sunday. We got candy in both Sunday School and R.S. Anyone who brings candy is my friend. The lessons were inspiring as well. My siblings came over for dinner and Katie's birthday celebration. Katie loved her dinner, presents, and cake. It was especially cute when she opened her doll and hugged the box. We talked briefly to Mom and Dad, but it was really loud and the home teachers came soon after. I can't believe that little girl is 3!

Monday we packed up and left. It took a long time to get home due to making stops on the way: McDonald's with a playland for lunch, Smith & Edward's, and then Provo to see Nash. We went to the Bean Museum and then had dinner at the Creamery, which was really yummy. We finally got home at 9:30 and crashed.

Tuesday was catch-up day, mostly putting things away from the trip, going through papers, paying bills, and grocery shopping. We also went to tithing settlement.

Wednesday I worked on canning and dehydrating the 80 lbs. of apples that Melodie sent home with me. We had preschool at Jill's, my visiting teachers came, and I had a 3-D ultrasound. Dinner was also long to make (egg rolls) rather than simple, but I took the time because I love them so much. I crashed at bedtime, but it was worth it.

Today I finished canning the apples and dehydrated more. I got 17 quarts of applesauce and so far 10 trays of dried. I'll do another 10 of dried. I also have a drawer full of the best ones for eating. They are Honeycrisp apples, so they are delicious! I was also able to use up my garden tomatoes to make a few quarts of salsa. I got all that done by 1:00, so not too late for a decent nap, which brings me to right now.

A self-reliance class starts tonight, so I'm going to go and see if it looks like something I want to do. It lasts for 12 weeks, so that will help me get out of the house once a week up until I'm about to deliver a baby. I've realized that it's good for me to stay busy, because when I sit around, I realize how tired I feel, but the actual sitting doesn't make me feel any better, just sluggish.

It really was nice to get another look at this little guy's face. He kept putting his hand in front of his face, but I think he looks like Kenny. We'll see. Can't wait to meet him!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Break Pt. 1

Last Saturday, I wasn't feeling well because I had a cough that made my throat really sore. I actually ended up losing my voice for about 24 hours. I did get the shopping done for Katie's birthday.

Sunday was a regular day. Thankfully, my voice returned so I could teach Primary.

Monday, we had Cherissa and Tayson over for dinner and FHE.

Tuesday, I got ready for our trip and we left after school. We swam in the hotel pool in SLC. Everything was smooth about the day except for Katie throwing up in her bed. That wasn't fun to deal with, but it ended up just being some acid reflux and not a virus.

Wednesday, I worked with Rex until 2. It was crazy getting out of the hotel, but James handled it and went to the aquarium with his mom and the kids. I got the relax and read most of the day and get Chinese for lunch. James took my place at 2:00 and I drove with the kids and Melodie, Joseph, and Anna back to Rexburg. We had a quick dinner and I cleaned out the car and organized things while Melodie took all the kids to pack meeting. It was really great to get everything done.

Today has been pretty relaxing, but boring. I got a good night of sleep, thankfully, because I only got about 4 in the hotel. I really haven't done anything except laze around and eat. I finished the book I started yesterday. My siblings are coming over for dinner, which will be fun. I can't wait to hang out. Hopefully, this awful heartburn will go away soon. It's been worse the past few days, but that is mostly my own fault. Oops.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

(Less) Busy

This week has still flown by even though it wasn't quite as the busy as the past month has been. The weekend did end up being pretty relaxing except for pumping water from the crawl space. That is always a huge pain.

We had preschool Wed. morning and Joseph had a parent/teacher conference in the afternoon. His teacher says he is a very sweet boy, but I already knew that. :)

James will be gone tomorrow till late at night because he's helping a friend get a car from Provo after school. It's going to be a long day no matter what I do.

I've been extra tired because of a little cold, but I'm almost better. Colds are usually terrible for a few days, but then not so bad after that. I've been able to breathe just fine, but it is really annoying to have less energy than I already have. It has definitely made me more grouchy.

I found out today that one of my medical bills for my finger was reprocessed as in-network, so I only owe 53 dollars instead of almost 3,000. Needless to say, that totally made my day! Our tax return is still likely to get used up on medical bills, but now I can see that actually happening instead of having to pay the rest for months afterward. Insurance isn't perfect, but I am pretty happy with them today.

This weekend, I'll start getting ready for our trip for fall break. We leave Tues. night instead of Wed. morning, so I need to shop for Katie's birthday and get all our Halloween stuff out since we will get to go to Aunt Ruth's Halloween party. So exciting! We haven't been since I was pregnant with Kenny. I know the kids will love it too. I'm tired already thinking of packing, but I know it will be a fun trip.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I can really remember dreading the month of October last year, but this year I have been grateful so far. It's a welcome relief from the heat of summer now that I'm starting to feel warmer all the time, thanks to this warm little person in my belly. On that note, they say I am measuring big. I don't know what that means, really, but I think I look about the same as with Kenny. (With Katie, I was undoubtedly bigger.)

We took the kids to Joseph's school carnival last Friday. They loved it! The boys' favorite thing was the laser tag.

We had Conference last weekend and really enjoyed it. I'm glad to see that Pres. Monson is looking a little healthier than he has the past few years. We had way too many treats, of course, but they were yummy.

Monday, James didn't get home till after 7 because of parent/teacher conferences. Tuesday, he had bishopric meeting after we all got flu shots. Wednesday, I had my OB appointment and we went to see a choir concert that Katie loved. The boys got bored, but it was only 40 minutes long, so it was perfect. Today I have a piano lesson...if she comes. Her attendance has been spotty since school started. Oh well.

It should be a pretty relaxing weekend. I'm taking potatoes to a funeral tomorrow and have one of my students' baptisms on Saturday, but other than that, I think things will be a little less busy next week.