Thursday, June 8, 2017

And More Phenixes Visit

Last Friday, James took the day off work because he had a leg infection. It really stunk because he couldn't go to the family reunion. I talked him out of it so his leg would get enough rest. He's doing a lot better now after a round of antibiotics. I was still getting over a cold, so I had a yucky cough that made me not sleep well. For a weekend, it was kind of a bummer. We did a few yard sales, but that was pretty much it.

Monday, I touched up all the paint in the house, mixed the colors together, and used that color (a beautiful sea-green) to paint the pirate ship with the kids. They had so much fun but got paint everywhere. I'm still getting it out of my hair.

Tuesday, the parents and Nash came over. We had a little dinner and hung out till late (until James got home from fogging). Nash really wanted to talk to me by myself. It was actually kind of funny.

Wednesday, Mom and Dad took Nash to the MTC in Provo. I worked all day on sewing some skirts for Katie and making a few pairs of pants into shorts along with my normal routine. Mom and Dad got back around dinner. We hung out after that just talking. James helped some neighbors move so we now have another couch. It will take some rearranging to find the best setup.

Today I've been working on my talk for Sunday. I'm going to scrap some old jeans and hang out till dinner. Then, to the fair!

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