Thursday, June 1, 2017

Phenixes Visit

We went on a date last Thursday: a progressive dinner that started at Taco Bell for appetizers, then to KFC for sides, Subway for the main course, and Coldstone for dessert. James and I were both asleep when the guests arrived Thursday night. I'm glad we decided to do so because they didn't arrive until 2 a.m.

James and Joseph had their last day of school on Friday. I put my family to work on prepping to plant the garden. They pulled weeds (well, hoed them mostly), added more dirt to the boxes, and put down mulch. We took turns holding Lewis so he'd be happy. I fertilized the grass and garden and swept of all the walkways.

In the afternoon, everyone went rabbit hunting while I made dinner. Mara had requested pound cake and Parmesan chicken, so that's what I made. We even put 22 candles on the cake and sang to her. I gave her a chocolate bar and some almond butter. We hung out for a while after dinner and then everyone left again for more bunny hunting.

Saturday morning, we took a bunch of milk jugs and the old dishwasher to shoot. I went this time. It was pretty fun to put a bunch of holes into the appliance that's given us so much grief. After lunch, we split up and saw both the dinosaur bones while the others went hunting yet again. We had dinner and then watched a movie once the kids were in bed. I started falling asleep so I didn't come close to finishing it.

Sunday was like normal, but with Joseph's birthday celebration a few days early. He wanted a cake with coconut, so I made a German chocolate cake and the Hawaiian haystacks he'd requested. He finally got the fidget spinner he'd been wanting too. It's a lot easier to put in 7 candles instead of 22. We talked to both families like always.

Monday, I was feeling the effects of a sinus infection that had started Saturday night and gotten worse. I stayed home to clean and put things back together while everyone went to Moonshine Arch. After lunch we just hung out. Mara's boyfriend, Ricky, made dinner for us. Everyone had to leave right after dinner. It was a really great weekend, but it certainly wore me out.

This week has been routine. James works mosquito abatement full-time with hours that are very similar to school. He leaved around 7:10 and returns at 4 or 4:30. When there is fogging to do, that happens from 8-midnight.

I'm adjusting to having extra kids around. I don't mean Joseph; I mean all the extras who come over. They can be pretty annoying at times because they knock on the door a lot. I don't let friends come in because there is nowhere to contain then and I want to feed Lewis without distractions. I know I'll get used to it. It just seems like someone needs something every 30 seconds. I've been extra tired because of this cold, but I'm getting better. I have no hope of getting a nap if I need one, so I've just had to push on through the day. Oh well.

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