Thursday, May 25, 2017

Magical Unicorn

 Why is my life so busy? I suppose some of it is self-inflicted. James and I worked on getting our garden ready on Saturday. Like all projects, we realized there about three extra steps still need to be done before we can actually plant anything. None of those have happened yet because of James working two jobs and me trying to finish up a big project. I can only focus on one thing at a time without feeling like I'm going insane, so I chose to finish scanning all of our old letters we wrote each other while James was on his mission. It felt really great to finish that and get rid of a bunch of all mildewy papers.

Tuesday was actually pretty relaxing. I finished getting my temple recommend renewed.

I didn't see James at all on Wednesday because he went to Lagoon on a school trip. He didn't return until after midnight.  While he was gone, I babysat the kids from next-door for a few hours. They were pretty good, but it does make the house a little extra hectic.

Today, Thursday, was not so great. Hopefully it will get better from here on out. Our car wouldn't start this morning, so James was late to work from jumpstarting it. I had two places tell me that the battery was OK and that the alternator was also OK. However, I don't believe that the battery is OK. I did not get a new one because I had left Walmart to go somewhere else to get the alternator tested. I then went to Joseph's class to take the treats. It turns out there was no reason to do so. They did not stop class to eat the treats like they did in Kindergarten. All I accomplished really was to say hi in the middle of their reading time. It was a lot of extra stress just to deliver some Ding Dongs. Next time maybe I will send them in his backpack or something.

My piano lesson rescheduled for 1 o'clock today, and about halfway through, Lewis pooped all over me and I had to go change him and wipe poop off of my foot. Better my foot then the carpet, I guess. I also forgot a few things at Walmart. James and I are supposed to go on a date today, but he has to work mosquito abatement again since he was not available yesterday.

Lewis has started gumming me very hard while he's eating and that does not feel good. It does not make me look forward to when he has teeth. Days like this, I wish I could go back to childhood and curl up in my bed and go to sleep. I do look forward to the date later, even though James will be late to it and I think the first part of it I'll be at Walmart getting a new battery for the car. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but we only have one car that fits all of our children and us together. Big family problems, I guess.

Five people are coming to visit tonight: Myles, Mara, Carmel, Kyle, and Ricky. I have the rooms ready, but the rest of the house is a huge mess. If I can get Lewis to go to sleep for longer than 30 minutes, maybe I will be able to semi get things done.  It should be a fun weekend.

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