Thursday, May 11, 2017


Our last Saturday was overplanned. It started with grocery shopping, then yard sales, then prepping for dinner, then going over to a friend's house to eat dinner. It wasn't terrible, but we didn't get some things done that we needed to, like install the new dishwasher or mow the lawn. I ended up feeling really stressed for a lot of the day. I don't totally hate busy days, but when Saturday is really busy, it just feels wrong.

I've still been working on my digitizing project. I've loved reading the letters from James's mission and my old journals. When I look at myself from middle school, I realize that I was actually a really good kid and my life was a lot like it is now. I wish I didn't start caring so much about my appearance. That started in the 8th grade.

Lewis can roll both ways now. He is the earliest to do that. He's been waking up at night once because of this milestone. I don't mind too much. I got really spoiled there for a month when he slept all night. I'm not complaining about the earlier bedtime, though. He is also starting to laugh. I love it!

With mosquito abatement Monday and Wednesday and trying (unsuccessfully) to install the new dishwasher on Tuesday, we've had a busy and not super fun week so far. That will change today and tomorrow because we have family coming to visit! Hurray!

We had our last day ever of preschool yesterday. It was bittersweet. Preschool didn't turn out like I'd hoped. I wanted it to be a social thing for the moms as well, but that never happened. There aren't enough kids to do it next year, but I don't mind. Kenny will be in school, and I'm sure Katie will get plenty of princess videos when she's home with Lewis and me.

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