Thursday, May 4, 2017


We went to a few yard sales last Saturday and got a few random things.

It's been a perfect week weather-wise. I love the low to mid-70's, partly cloudy, slightly breezy. We went to the park yesterday with the kids and had a great time.

I unexpectedly got back money from the hospital since we overpaid, so we bought a new dishwasher! It was originally 400 dollars but marked down to 260 because of having been repaired, so James asked for 225 instead and they were okay with that at Lowe's. I can't wait till we can install it! I'm guessing tomorrow.

I've been working on digitizing old letters that James and I wrote to each other while he was on his mission. I'm also working on my old journals. They are actually pretty funny to read. I started writing in 1999 when I was 11 years old.

Things are so busy, but mundane, so there really isn't anything else to report for the week. Life is good. We're going on a date to dinner tonight. It's nice to have a reliable babysitter.

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