Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day, Olympics

Saturday, James and I went on a date to the temple. It was really good to be there. I felt very calm and happy. I'm finally feeling at peace about this being my last pregnancy. I am not just giving up early because I think it's too hard. (Although, I do think it's too hard almost every day. I thought that during my last 2 pregnancies as well, but I kept on going because I knew I wasn't done yet.)

We went to a little craft fair in the afternoon. My OB was there and doing ultrasounds for 2 minutes, so I got another look at the baby. He/she was moving around a lot. I can't feel it yet, but I'm only 12 weeks along now.

We have been watching some of the Olympics thanks to YouTube TV. I think they comment too much and don't show enough of the sports, but I really love seeing the figure skating. I am hopeless at all sports, but I can't skate at all, like not even stand up without falling over. My sense of balance has never been great.

We had FHE Monday with Cherissa and Tayson. The kids have been so excited about Valentine's Day for a couple of weeks. They weren't disappointed to bring home lots of cards and candy. James sent me a singing valentine, which was really nice. I didn't cry during it like I did last year. Thank goodness, because that was really embarrassing.

I've been sewing a few small things like baby clothes. All I have left is cloth for doll clothes, then some scraps to make into a quilt eventually. I can't wait to start getting rid of baby clothes. The old, gross ones are going to make a memory quilt, and the rest will get passed on the someone who needs them.

Today it's packing and cleaning for our trip to Rexburg. There's no school tomorrow or Monday, but we're staying until Tuesday. I have to get some cavities filled, my first in about 18 years, so I am kind of nervous. How silly is that? It can't be as bad as giving birth or even hand surgery while awake.

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